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Questions about Mini-Camp? No problem! We have answers! For more info, check out the main BeachBind FAQ's or email us anytime at!

    1. How is Mini-Camp different?

Mini-Camp is basically the same format as the main BeachBind week. Mini-Camp will be more like the first year or two of BeachBind in that it will be a little more intimate. It will also be a little shorter - 5 days instead of 7 - but feel free to stay longer at the resort following the event! Otherwise, there will be daily workshops in rope, photography, etc., sunset photoshoots, performances, meet n' greets, yoga, and the same good vibes and magic as BeachBind! Many of the BeachBind attendees are staying for all or part of Mini-Camp as well.

2. If I go to Mini-Camp this year, am I eligible for the Early-Bird registration and discount rates for BeachBind 2020?  

YES!  BeachBind 2019 sold out a year in advance in less than 48 hours. Each year, returning attendees get the chance to not only get discounted rates only available to returning BeachBind attendees, but they get a week or two window to register early before registration opens to the public. Not only does that guarantee a chance to get a spot for the next BeachBind, you also get first crack at the room type you want, which is a great perk since some of the room types sell out fast!


3. Can I come to both BeachBind and Mini-Camp?


Yes! That is, if you are already registered for BeachBind or you on the waiting list and a spot opens up for you. 

4. I am already registered for BeachBind or I am on the waiting list. Do I need to register again for Mini-Camp? 

NO! All you have to do is contact us at to reserve your room. We will then connect with Michelle at Tom's Trips, our travel agent, to get you confirmed, after which you can start making payments. 

5. What kind of workshops and schedule will there be? Are there play parties? Unconference?

The workshops and schedule will be similar to BeachBind. There will be morning and afternoon mostly rope-centric workshops, yoga, some evening dinner kinbaku performances, an early evening workshop, and lots of UPL time (Unconference, Play, and Lab time). The beach tent with our hard points will be open every night for UPL, as well as the gym, which is air-conditioned and has around 20 hard points available. People also like to use the resort amenities for scenes and photos, like trees and the pagodas near our beach tent and around the resort, which have hard points and often mattress. 


6. Is there bamboo? 

Yes! And this is not just any bamboo either! The Bamboo is locally sourced and grows naturally in Jamaica.  It is a little different than the typical stuff you might get from California. It is more curvy, solid, very beautiful, and fun to tie on. We also will have smaller pieces to use on the body.

7. I don't have a partner. Should I come as a single? 

Yes, we think you should come! BeachBind draws a large number of single, unpartnered, and groups of three, so there is plenty of opportunity to meet and play.  Not only do we help out with meet and greets and group meals, but we find that many people that come to the event, even with partners, are open or poly and love to connect, meet, and tie with new people. Mini-Camp is even more intimate than BeachBind, perhaps making it more ideal for singles. Note, single rooms are a bit more expensive (20%). We can also help you find a roommate … see next question below!

8. Can you help me find a roommate? 

We can try! We tend to know who is looking for a roommates. Just let us know your preferences at and we'll try our best to help you out!

9. I am already going to BeachBind, and want to stay for some or all of Mini-Camp, but my partner can't stay. What are my options? 

No problem! You can stay in a room as a single and pay a little bit more (20%) or you can try to find a new roommate. If you would like help, we can try to help! See the question above.

10. I will be a BeachBind and want to stay for Mini-Camp - Can I keep the same room? Am I allowed to change rooms? 

Ideally, yes, you can keep the same room; however, only if that room and room type is available when you book. The sooner you book, the better chance you have. If that room or room-type is not available, it is possible that you may have to change rooms.  And of course, if you want to change to a different room type for Mini-Camp, you are welcome to do that as well. 


11. Do I have to go all five days? 

Depends. YES if you are only attending Mini-Camp, but NO if you are attending BeachBind as well. If you are attending BeachBind, you can extend your trip and stay for as many days as you want - from one day through the whole Mini-Camp, which would add four nights to your trip since the events overlap by a day. 

If you are NOT already attending BeachBind, the resorts group rates require that you have go for at least five nights, starting on May 10th or after, and ending on May 15th or after (the event ends on May 15th but you can stay after if you wish). 

12. Can I come early? Can I stay after Mini-Camp? 

You can stay after! Unfortunately, we have to put a cap on the number of people that attend BeachBind, and it is currently sold out, so we cannot accept Mini-Camp registrations before May 10th. You are more than welcome to stay after May 15th and you will get the same group rate. 

13. Will there be more presenters added?  

More than likely! The number of presenters and workshops will depend on the number of people attending. We want to make sure that there is plenty of space and opportunity for people to take workshops, and that they are not over-crowded (one of the great things about BeachBind!). Since this is the first year of Mini-Camp, we are not quite sure how many presenters we will need yet (but the current lineup is pretty killer as is!!!). 

14. Can I have 3 or 4 in a room? Will that save money? 

You can have up to three people in a room. Single rooms pay 20% more than a double room.  In a triple room, the third person pays a slightly discounted rate.  Our travel agent can apply that discount equally to everyone in the room if you choose so everyone pays a slightly lower rate.  Most rooms have a king size bed, but it is possible to get a room that has two double beds. Please discuss this with Michelle when booking to make sure you can get the bed arrangement you need. 

15. Are the rates per person or per room? 


The rates are the same as BeachBind, and are per person all-inclusive rates, meaning everything (all food, drinks, workshops, activities) is included (see cost page and BeachBind FAQ for more info).

16. I see this is all-inclusive.  Do I need to bring money? Are there any other hidden costs?

No! You don't really need to bring money and there are not any hidden costs! Pretty much everything is included! All food, drinks (including alcohol), workshops, and resort activities (with some exceptions). There is a no-tipping policy at the resort. So after you pay for your room, flight and airport transfers, there is not much need to spend anything more. See cost page BeachBind FAQ for more info and exceptions. 

17. Can I have a little more time to pay for my room? 

Yes, we can probably work something out. Contact Michelle at Tom's Trips to discuss options. Payment in full will need to be made in early December to hold your room. After that, you can still make payments, but we can't hold your spot until it is paid and full, and the room type or the entire resort will eventually sell out. Contact Michelle at Tom's Trips to discuss options. 

18. Will I lose my waiting list spot for BeachBind if I sign up for Mini-Camp? 

Nope--just let us know you want to keep it and still come to BeachBind or both!

19. I have more questions!

As they say in Jamaica, No problem! You can check out the main BeachBind FAQ's or email us anytime at!

>Sign up for Mini Camp!<

Note, if you are already registered for BeachBind or on the waiting list (i.e., you already registered for BeachBind), then you do NOT need to fill out another registration for Mini Camp!  Simply email us and let her know what dates you want to add or register for!

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