July 31st, 2020

But wait! There's a pandemic out there! 


We know you are concerned about COVID-19, its effect on BeachBind, and more importantly, your plans to attend! We are too. We are monitoring the situation often and will update you as things change (as they seem to almost daily!).

Currently Jamaica is open and accepting travelers, including those from the United States. The resort is open and guests are on site and enjoying themselves. Both the Jamaican government and the resort are being careful to keep tourists safe and have implemented protocols to do so.


We are continuing to gather as much new information as possible about the resort and travel to Jamaica, and we will endeavor to keep you updated. Here are some key points:


  • All travelers are being pre-approved by Jamaican health officials. Within five days of travel, everyone is currently required to fill out a travel authorization form, located here:  In most cases, you will receive approval notice in 10 minutes. However, anyone traveling from a "hotspot" (currently listed as New York, Florida, Arizona, and Texas) are required to get a COVID-19 test prior to boarding a flight to Jamaica. 


  • Upon arrival, everyone will be screened by a health care professional. If cleared, they can proceed to the resort. If you are showing symptoms, however, you may get tested.  Those that are tested will mostly likely still be able to go to the resort while awaiting the test results (48 hours).


  • Things are mostly normal at the resort with some exceptions. All staff are required to wear masks (guests are not).  Instead of a self-service buffet in the dining room, there is table service. Likewise, the nude grill is now table service like the prude grill. Most events and activities are outside as well. The resort is also not at capacity - there are currently only about 100 guests at a time on site instead of 500 (we do not know how that will look in December of course - but currently there are rooms available).


  • Air Travel: Airlines are changing their policies often. Some airlines (Southwest, Jet Blue, and Delta) are blocking middle seats. American, United, and others are not. Many are generally being flexible, however, if you want to change your flight because it's full. Masks are generally required on all flights.  Check your airline's website to get details applicable to you as this information may be outdated by the time you read this!

COVID Information & Implications on December:

Just in are things to know for December 2020:

As of now December is ON and we don’t plan to change that (nor do we want to!).  But, safety comes first, and as things change, if we need to postpone Beachbind V for a second time, we will. The safety of our staff, presenters, and attendees has and will always be our top priority! 

Even with all that said about travel notices above, we know circumstances are changing every day. Therefore, BeachBind organizers have decided to have a "Final Call" for Beachbind V in December 2020. "Final Call" day will be November 5th, 2020. (two days after Election Day; don't forget to vote!)


We can't say this enough - Get the Resort Waiver!
We highly recommend purchasing the $25 Resort Waiver, in case we do need to move BeachBind 2020. If you are unsure if you have a waiver, or need to purchase one, please email Michelle at Toms Trips.  If you are going in May 2021, you should also get one for that event.

Get my $25 Resort Waiver for December 2020 and 2021!


If you would like to cancel your reservation for December 2020 event and move to our May 2021 event, you will need to do two things (please note that you must have purchased the  resort waiver for December to have your credit transferred): 

  • Inform Michelle at Tom's Trips by email that you wish to cancel your December 2020 Registration and move to May;

  • Register for our May 2021 event here.


Please note the waiver does not cover all of the cost per night for May 2021, and you will need to pay any increase in price by November 15th. More information on this waiver can be found here.


We can’t thank you enough for holding on during this wild ride! It’s going to be so worth it when we are all together on the beach!


Stay safe, 
Your Beachbind Staff


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