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BeachBind just got a little longer!

Rooms for Mini-Camp 2019 are now available!


BeachBind Mini Camp  is a five-day extension of BeachBind and is open to those attending, or not attending BeachBind.

Many attending the first week often stay for days after, and since we had so many folks on the waiting list, we are extending BeachBind to create a 5-day version that is a little more intimate and laid back, kind of like it was in the first couple of years! 


We created Mini-Camp for those on the wait-list and others that won't get into the sold-out main event, and those going to the main event who want to stay longer!


It may be a little more laid-back and smaller, but it will not be any less awesome! With five days of workshops, photo shoots, open tie, nightly play time on the beach (five nights!), dinner performances, yoga, and more, the BeachBind magic will be ever-present.


WykD_Dave & clover FredRx & lake Mynx knot_head JD-66 Thalia 

 RopeFiendJ Cabochon SluttyHands & sugarcurl wiwolverine & DireWo1f  Poisonwell & Dawn77 YourBotanist whispersandroars

See bios here.

Details and Schedule Concept:

Mini-camp will include the same basic format as BeachBind, including workshops, UPL (unconference, play, & lab time), performances, photo shoots, yoga, presenter office hours, and guided lab time. The schedule will be a bit more relaxed. 

Mini Camp attendees will be given the right to early-bird pre-registration for the next BeachBind, allowing them to register before tickets go on sale to the general public and at the discounted early-bird rate. Not only does that guarantee a chance to get a spot for the next BeachBind, you also get first crack at the room type you want, which is a great perk since some of the room types sell out fast!

* Mini Camp only attendees must stay for a minimum of five days, but should not arrive before Friday, May 10th.  You can book for additional days after May 15th at the same group rate, however!

* Mini Camp starts on the evening of Friday, May 10th. Attendees are welcome to attend the BeachBind Friday night dinner performance and participate in UPL, however, other main events on Friday are reserved to full event attendees.

** As a courtesy, we ask that Mini Camp only attendees to allow full event attendees priority use of the beach tent hard points and nearby cabanas on Friday night. If there are plenty of open spots, no problem. Mini Camp attendees may use the gym hard points at any point during Friday night UPL, however. Please use your best judgement :) - It is the final night of play for the regular BeachBind attendees! Please make sure they have the time they need.

See Full Schedule here!


Cost, deposits, and general terms are the same as on the cost page, except that the first  1/2 payment is due on October 15th, 2018. Payment in full must be received by December 1st, 2018. 

Minimum 5 night stay (this is a resort policy). Room types are subject to availability. Earliest arrival for Mini-Camp is Friday, May 10th (unless you are also attending BeachBind). Mini Camp ends on May 15th, but you may stay after that at the same group rate. 

>Sign up for Mini Camp!<

Note, if you are already registered for BeachBind or on the waiting list (i.e., you already registered for BeachBind), then you do NOT need to fill out another registration for Mini Camp!  Simply contact Michelle and let her know what dates you want to add or register for!

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