Both BeachBind and Hedonism are committed to ensuring that all guests have a safe and comfortable stay. The resort has a robust and highly-trained security staff that is positioned throughout the resort, especially on the beach to make sure that the guests are safe and to prevent non-resort guests from wondering onto the property from the shoreline, which is public property and open to anyone. 

Our commitment to safety especially includes situations where our guests are walking back to their rooms late at night or early in the morning, as many often do from the nude pool grill or hot tub. While we do not believe that any of our guests were ever in actual physical danger, we want to ensure that each BeachBind attendee feels comfortable and secure. Therefore, we have taken the following steps to insure everyone’s comfort level and safety:

  1. Volunteer Escorts:  All of the staff, as well as many of the guests, have or will volunteered to escort attendees back to their rooms at night. We recommend two escorts so that the escort does not have to walk back alone. Please do not be afraid to ask anyone in our group if you would like an escort. If you are asked, you are not obligated to help, but we do hope that our group will look out for each other!

  2. Nude Pool Bar - Back-up Escort:  The resort night manager will assist with escorts from the nude pool at night or early in the morning should you find yourself without an escort and want one. Simply go to the bartender, who has been informed of our system, and they will alert the resort manager to assist you.

  3. Immediately Report Incidents by Dialing “0”:  At any time, should you either feel uncomfortable or threatened by a resort staff or other resort guest, please dial “0” from your room phone or any phone in the resort to alert the front desk and resort manager. The resort has asked that if there are any incidents where any resort staff or security guard makes you feel uncomfortable or act inappropriately, that you report it IMMEDIATELY by dialing “0”. If you do not report it immediately, it is difficult for the resort to identify the individual(s) involved and take action. Please also let BeachBind staff know of any incidents with any resort employee, third party, guest, or otherwise.

  4. Cultural Differences & Resort Staff & Security Training:  We have documented situations where cultural differences may have contributed to guests feeling uncomfortable. It is common for Jamaicans, especially Jamaican men, to speak freely in a “flirty” manner, and even make overtly sexual comments. In Jamaica this is generally deemed accepted and flattering, and that is typically the general intent as opposed to harassment. This type of behavior can seem or feel highly aggressive and inappropriate for many of our guests, and combined with a situation where someone is walking alone at night, often with little or no clothing, can feel harassing or even scary, even if that was not the intent. 

  5. In order to prevent these results, the resort has required all security guards to attend training seminars on sexual harassment and cultural norms. We hope this will eliminate any situations where our guests feel harassed or threatened. Again, however, if it happens, please immediately report it to the manager on duty by dialing “0” from any phone. Please also then let a BeachBind staff member know.

  6. BeachBind Staff:  Please do not hesitate to speak with BeachBind staff at any time for assistance with any issue that makes you uncomfortable or for any other assistance.

Security & Night Escorts

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