BeachBind is like coming home, year after year!


This was absolutely the best week of my life.


If you've ever wanted sand in your vagina, this is the place to be! :p


Best event in the world


A week in paradise. If we had only one choice to attend one event a year this is it! I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you do


You all reignited my drive to make my rope community stronger and better!


I love the chance to spend a whole week, mostly naked, learning, playing, and relaxing at the beach among friends


This felt amazingly relaxed & I felt no pressure to touch rope everyday & actually spend some time recharging & connecting with community!


BeachBind is an amazing experience like no other!


BeachBind is not just about bondage, its about being a decent human, making connections and living life to it's fullest


Everything was perfect from beginning to end. Can’t wait until next year!!


I don't know how you could possibly be better. You made me feel so welcome, and finally find a community where I feel like I belong


I always tell everyone how awesome BeachBind is, but until you've been there I just don't think there's anyway to truly understand


I'm so thankful for everyone involved in creating it & always trying to somehow make an already amazing event even better every year


BB was hands down the best vacation and rope event we have ever attended! We would love to return.


I cannot even begin to describe the BB staff. They are machines... putting on the best event on the globe...no words. Thank you a 1000 times


Outstanding job as last year! ...It was fantastic and we’ll be back again and again and again


This is the most organized convention I have ever been to in my life!!!


This was beyond excellent.


Thank you for a memorable experience!


Everyone is so friendly, and it's such a great time, it really is a con-cation, and I'm so thankful to have found this event


BeachBind Jamaica, where your outfit of the day is sunshine and the rum and cream is never gone. Where the air is filled with the lullabies


I love that this is a small event that allows us to really get to know each other & makes the presenters accessible outside of classes

It was simply an amazing event! All involved put something spectacular together. I can't wait for the next one!


Warm & friendly atmosphere, freedom & spicy environment, awesome riggers ... & great opportunity to share emotions & build new friendships


It was a beautiful experience!


I do want to thank from the depths of my heart all the staff, organizers, and presenters. It was wonderful. Thank You!!


You did an amazing job! This was an amazing event and you added a whole second week at the last minute.


The best staff of any event we’ve ever been too ! Continually asking if we need anything and the come out of nowhere!


You and your staff and most presenters are so humble and approachable

 I will never forget my first Beachbind experience this year. I made new friends and new connections in the rope scene and cannot wait for next year.


Love you guys so much. You put in hella hard work and it really pays off! Thank you!


You all did an amazing job for all of us. I couldn’t have been happier. Thank you!!


All the presenters were simply excellent!  Everything was top notch!


This was our first BeachBind and the experience was Terrific! We will for sure repeat it next year !!! Thank you BeachBind


A huge eye-opener as a result and it has left us with a much stronger connection. An amazing week that has improved my life immeasurably!


You guys are kicking ass! I love this event.


Couldn't be happier.  You all were awesome!


The week was a perfect balance of actual vacation and information/learning.


It was an amazing trip and I cannot wait to see you all next year.


Thank you for all the great work to make an amazing event. I will cherish this past week for a long time!


I LOVE the energy of the Beach Bind people. The focused intensity. The commitment.


This was an AMAZING week!!! Please please please continue this again and at this (or an equally amazing) location!


I loved the synergy of this group & presenters. Everyone was open & available to talk with. There was a lack of ego...It made a difference


 Very exciting very erotic. I had a great time. Thanks to everyone who organized and taught these classes. I would do it again.


I would recommend this event to anyone!


Your choice of presenters & the vetting you do on attendees is incredible. You made all the right choices & everything came together so well


I would recommend this event ... Thank you to everyone who put so much of their personal time into organizing this event.


I love learning in nature and really enjoyed the Mayfied Falls Hike and the snorkeling trip. And I LOVED the performances each evening!!!


For our first rope event it was an amazing and eye opening experience. Can't wait to do it again next year.


You all should be so proud of yourselves. It was really the most incredible event and exceeded my expectations.


I really admire the dedication & hard work gone into making this event. I am in awe. Thank you so much.


Thank you to everyone who put so much of their personal time into organizing this event, you really made me feel like part of a family.


I truly hope BeachBind will be back next year because I'm already looking forward to it. A huge thank you to all the organizers!


As a beginner I had reservations about being judged or people's attitude towards me. The people were incredibly nice...I felt comfortable!


I cannot stress enough how much of an overwhelmingly positive experience this was for me.

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