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10 Things you Didn’t Know About BeachBind

1. You don't have to go for all 10 days, and you can come early! 

BeachBind may be 10 days, but you can go for as long or short as you like - as long as it is at least 5 days (the resort has some pretty picky rules!).  Some people go for a week…or you can go for longer than 10 days if you want. There are usually about 30 people who arrive a day early, and often about 10-15 that arrive 2 days early. 


2. BeachBind may not be as expensive as you think - leave your cash at home! 

The Garden View rate for five days is around $1500 all-inclusive). The all-inclusive rate includes pretty much everything except airfare - All food, drinks (even alcohol), workshops, all the normal resort activities, entertainment, etc. There is even a no tipping policy at the resort! You may be surprised to learn how BB costs compare to a large hotel con when you add it all up: see apples to apples.


3. Choose your own adventure! So many options...

There is so much more to do than just workshops! The resort has SCUBA, sailing, SUP boards, snorkel trips, boat trips, excursions, lobster island, tennis, volleyball, a world-class spa (get a massage on the beach!), a dance club, and a wine bar… (well um, there are lots of bars), and nightly entertainment! And if you are adventurous, there is always Hedo Weedo, or take a walk down to the nude pool for some jerk chicken…or jerking around!

The resort also has a gym and typically offers exercise classes and tantric sex education in the Kama Sutra Palace. You can even enjoy a private romantic dinner on the beach.  You also have the right to do…well nothing! Lay out on the beach and read, or sleep. It's YOUR vacation!

4. BeachBind is more than just rope…

BeachBind is not all just rope and rope workshops! While many of the workshops are rope-centric, BeachBind typically offers a full schedule that includes all levels of rope, rope bottoming, and self-suspension workshops as well as other BDSM topics like whipping, rough body play, power exchange, hard fucking, yoga, photography, and safety, consent, and negotiation. You can also typically expect some workshops like acro shibari, spirituality, and even pole dancing! 

5. Size Matters…We're not your average size con

Unlike the big cons that often have 300, 500 or even 1000 people, BeachBind limits attendance to ensure small workshop size and to create an atmosphere of connection. Typically the event has around 100 people plus presenters and staff.  For that reason, unfortunately, the event can and usually does sell out, so the earlier you book the better chance you have of not only getting the room type that you want, but of getting any spot at all.

6. Be Yourself; We like you that way! BeachBind embraces diversity. 

BeachBind strives to create an inclusive event that promotes and values diversity. BeachBind, from its inception, has welcomed all people of all genders regardless of their identifications, race/ethnicity, gender and sexual identities, expressions, or orientations, their bodies, their beliefs, values, fetishes, kinks, or lifestyle, or their abilities or disabilities. BeachBind has had and will continue to seek to have a diverse group of presenters, including POC, GF, trans, queer, and female presenters. If you are interested in presenting, please let us know here or email us at ropelab@gmail.comSee more on our inclusion efforts here.


7. Stay outdoors and stay safe! Get your fresh Caribbean Sea air! 

The resort is open air and outdoor! The lobby and all dining areas are outdoor/open air, and each hotel room has an outdoor entrance and its own ventilation system. BeachBind hosts is own tent on the beach with hard points, and If needed all workshops and events will be outside. You can see the current COVID protocols here, which may be revised prior to September as guidelines and laws change.

8. Conference or Unconference? Come teach and share! 

BeachBind from the beginning has offered a "UPL" format whereby the play space is flexible and can be used for "unconference" style workshops, play time,  and lab time. Every night our beach tent opens where you can use the hard points for play time including rope scenes, BDSM scenes, sexy time scenes, you name your scene, or a combination of all of the scenes! You can also collaborate with others or even teach your own mini-workshop!

9. Connecting at BeachBind? Beachbind is single, couple, thruple, and poly friendly - and thruples save!

BeachBind is singles-friendly because we are a relatively small group, but not so small that you don't have options! More importantly, with a 10 day event, there is plenty of time to meet people and connect on a deeper level. We spend all day together, sharing meals, workshops, and doing activities. There are typically events like an opening circle, meet n greet, and kinky speed dating where anyone looking to connect can do so.  In addition BeachBind is a great place for poly-pods to, well, just be themselves! Also - The resort has a reduced rate for a third in a room, so thruples save!


10. BeachBind is clothing optional and sex positive!

The resort is a home for hedonists, which is a fancy way of saying "Pleasure seekers".  The resort is clothing optional throughout (with a few exceptions like most dining areas and the lobby). There is a nude area (beach, pool, bar,. and restaurant) where nudity is required, but the rest of the resort is clothing optional. In addition, sexual acts are permitted in many places throughout the resort, including during the BeachBind play time at our tent at night. Learn more about going to hedo's clothing optional resort here.

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