BB Gives Back will return in early 2020!

If you would like to donate auction items, please contact Maddy at

Below is last year's info and results!

2019 BB Gives Back Total Raised:


We came in around $2115 at first, but BeachBind and a few others donated last minute to get us up to a nice round $2400!




Click above to make a donation, or bid on auction items below. 100% of the money we receive goes to the charity. 

In 2018 year BeachBind attendees and the rope community raised $2,000 for JFLAG, a LGBTQ rights organization. How much can we raise this year? C'mon Rope Community! Step it up!

J-FLAG's office burnt down in late 2018, and they are currently trying to rebuild!!! So they need our help now more than ever!


JFLAG is doing a great deal of work for Jamaica's LGBTQ populations. One of their projects is Dwayne's House, providing physical shelter for LGBTQ youth facing homelessness, corrective rape, assault in general, trauma, and more: 
J-FLAG ( is the first human rights organization in the history of Jamaica to serve the needs of LGBT peoples and over time it became the first port of call for the media, resulting in J-FLAG assuming the role of the mouthpiece for the LGBT community. J-FLAG is a Non-Profit NGO that is in the business of promoting social change in furtherance of the well-being of the members of the LGBT community, through a range of internally directed and externally focused tools including: Public Education, Crisis Intervention and Empowerment; Research; Rights-based Advocacy; Legal Aid and Legal Reform. 

Mission: To promote social change by empowering the Jamaican lgbt community & build tolerance for and acceptance of the LGBTQ community by the wider Jamaican society 

The auction will run March 20th - March 24th as we gear up for BeachBind. If you are not attending, no worries! You don't have to be part of BeachBind to bid or donate! So bid and take advantage of these great items and support a great cause!

If you have any questions, please contact!


See live auction and current bids here

Auction items include: private lessons with WykD_Dave & clover, -EM- & Isean, FredHatt & Anna-Bones, FredRx, knot_head, and EbiMcKnotty, a ticket to FIRE, a FIRE blanket, a 1 year subscription to FetLife, 11x17 FredRx print of choice, kinky coloring books, exclusive BeachBind merch, low temp soy candles, photoshoot with rodeokitten and a lot more!  

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