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Cancellations and the Resort Cancellation Waiver

updated 8/16/2021

We know some of you are concerned about the COVID situation.  As of now there are no plans to cancel the event.  If you are considering cancelling or moving to the May 2022 BeachBind event, please make sure you understand your options before you do. 
The BeachBind September 2021 cancelation deadline for full refund was May 1st, 2021. The resort has a rather strict cancellation policy for its group events, which was part of the terms of your registration, and does not provide refunds


We have worked very hard to try to work with the resort to accommodate our attendees to the greatest extent possible, especially in light of COVID. Some of the things that we have done to try to help were to facilitate the resort’s cancellation waiver (see below), provide resort credits and discounts for those that previously had to move, and encourage third-party travel insurance. 
If you choose to cancel past the deadline and have the waiver, you will receive a percentage of your event payments in the form of a credit that can be used for a future event. Please note that due to changing seasonal rates, the credit will not fully cover the same amount of day or room type. Your credits will not be restricted to the same number of days or room type, but will expire after one year from your travel date.  


If you would like to know if you have the credit and what your credit will be, please contact Tom's Tips at

2022 BeachBind event rates will be listed on the website as soon as announced, but we predict most will probably have about a $50-85 per night balance on a similar return trip for our next event on top of the credit you would have after canceling. Those who cancel will still be eligible for returning rates and any early bird pricing that exists. 

BeachBind 2022 is scheduled for April 30-May 10th, 2022. As another option, “Kinky Caribbean” is a new event planned to begin on September 24th, 2022. Kinky Caribbean will similar to BeachBind, but not centered solely around rope and will have workshops in other areas of kink and BDSM as well as rope. You will be able to use your credit for this event as well as long as you travel within a year of your trip. 

The pandemic has made this a very difficult situation for everyone and we appreciate you reaching out to us. We have worked very hard to try to work with the resort to accommodate our attendees to the greatest extent possible. If you would like further clarity on the current COVID protocol at the resort and our event, you can review the information here
Please let us know if you have any other questions!



Hedonism II Resort Cancellation Waiver Credits Peace of mind! Things change... Be ready!

Everyone that registered prior May 31, 2021 should have the the resort's "Cancel-for-any-reason waiver", which should be on your Tom's Trip's invoice for $25/pp.  The resort cancelled that program after May, but has reinstated similar new program, which is  good news for those that registered after May 31.  If you don't have the waiver, you can and should now add it. The new waiver has increased in price to $50 per person. You will be able to use that credit for one year from your original travel dates (again, no refunds, just credit), but there are now no extensions and you cannot re-buy the waiver, so once you move your funds to a new trip, that is it. Also as always, the waiver does not cover your full payment, only the per-night amounts listed below.

The resort's cancellation waiver credits costs $50 per person and, should you need to cancel, provides the room credit per night below for next year's BB event or other BeachBind event or resort stay. This waiver allows you to reschedule your trip at any time before the day of your arrival without losing your entire investment by covering the majority (but not all) of your BeachBind registration costs details below).

BeachBind and Tom's Trips highly recommends purchasing the waiver since resort does not give refunds after we book your room, and this allows you a safety net should you need to cancel. Tom's Trips will automatically add the waiver to BeachBind invoices unless you opt out. If you are registered and do not have the waiver,  contact Tom's Trips to add it. Note again that the credits you will get will be less than the amount that you originally paid for Beachbind; i.e. it is not a 100% credit, and you will have a balanced owed during your future travel due to rate increases or the deficiency.  BeachBind allows anyone that cancelled to qualify for the returning rate amount, however, which will help with that deficiency. The credit is good for one year from your original arrival date.

The resort cancellation waiver credits only provide a room credit and do not cover flights, lost baggage, trip interruption, or any optional activities such as excursions, spa/salon services,  event fees, or any other items or extras. Any credit not used for BeachBind only covers a credit against the cost of the BeachBind registration fees for a future event and will not fully cover the per night rates. Note further, that if you took advantage of the resort's $700 credit for a 12 day stay, or used any other type of credit or certificate (e.g. from a contest) the resort will deduct that amount from your total credit unless you rebook for at least 12 nights. The resort’s cancellation waiver credit that allows the rebooking to a future BeachBind  are being provided by Hedonism II, are not affiliated with BeachBind, RopeLab, LLC or Tom's Trip's, and are not an insurance benefit. Any application or interpretation of the resort’s cancellation waiver or $200 resort credit, including the resort’s refusal to provide credit or benefits, is at the resort’s discretion and neither BeachBind, RopeLab, LLC, nor Tom’s Trip’s can control the same or are responsible for the resort’s actions or inaction. BeachBind, Tom’s Trips, and RopeLab, LLC are not liable for any failure of the resort to provide any credits or benefits regarding the cancellation waiver or $200 resort credits, or for the resort’s failure to refund any payments made for BeachBind rooms or registrations. The event is subject to change at any time. The event as announced, including presenters, dates, activities, and all other aspects are being planned as announced, but are subject to change.

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