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BeachBind is proud to present the

Third Annual Ropelympics!

Win Awesome Prizes worth over $100,000*

*in Jamaican dollars (haha)  :P  But  we are talking  around $2000-ish US dollars so that is still pretty awesome! 

Prizes from Shibari Study & Knot_Head Nylon

Hosted by zero-gi & samjay

The Rope Olympics is fun, silly, whimsical, and of course, serious competition (well, if you want it to be!).  Prizes are super awesome... but the prize of joy and new friends is priceless!


This year we will be COVID-conscious with events only for singles or covid-bonded partners. Sign up as a single or with a partner. 

This Year's Events:

  • Double Blind Chest Harnesses

  • Kinbakushirades

  • BeachBind’s Next Top Rope Model

  •  Crab Tie Obstacle Race

  • Mermaid Swim Race

  • Dolphin - Tied Up Ring Dive

Point System for Overall:  Gold - 10 points   Silver - 7 points  Bronze - 4 points



    Overall winners:


    Each Event:


   -Each participant will also receive a Jamaican colored bracelet!



  1. Please participate at your own risk!

  2. All events will be individual teams per event. You do not have to participate with the same top or bottom if participating in more than one event. You can participate in 1 or more (or all) events.

  3. All tops must have a cutting tool readily available during events they are participating in.

  4. Have fun! This event is supposed to be lighthearted and silly!

  5. Any given team member must not top or bottom for a second time until all team members have participated in an event.

  6. We encourage all BeachBind attendees to attend the events to cheer on participants even if not  participating in any given challenge. Yay BeachBind spirit!

  7. Points will be tallied for all events for one overall winning team to be announced at the closing ceremony. Prizes will be awarded.

  8. Questions or concerns? Find zero-gi or samjay!


Event Details:


Event 1: Double Blind Chest Harnesses

  • For tying pairs and self-tiers alike

  • In this sensational, sensation-depriving event, competitors will be giving up their sight for a chance at glory. All will have a limited time to complete a beautiful and sustainable suspension-worthy harness.

  • The blind harnesses will be judged on their neatness, complexity, and structural soundness.

  • Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded.



Event 2: Kinbakushirades

  • For individual competitors

  • For this event, you will be channelling the spirit and style of a famed rope-slinger with your best shibarimpersonation.

  • Either with a demo bottom of their choice or a covid-conscious pool floatie partner, each competitor will have a turn in the spotlight trying to get their competitors to guess that bakushi.

  • Win points by being the first to guess correctly. A special bonus point will be awarded for the judges' favorite performance.

  • Each competitor will be able to shout only one guess per round.


Event 3: BeachBind’s Next Top Rope Model

  • For rope models of all shapes, sizes, and roles

  • The only modeling competition you don’t have to “wanna be on top” to win - top yourself or bottom your way to victory in this Ropelympics event by turning out a brilliant shot in rope.

  • At the beginning of the round, we will reveal the theme to participants and set them loose to make a plan, scout a location, get into a tie, get a photo, and return within the hour.

  • After the time limit is up, the photos will be judged on cleverness, imagination, rope quality, photo quality, and execution of the prompt.

  • No fancy photo equipment is needed! Any mobile phone will do.


Event 4: Crab Tie Obstacle Race

  • One top and one bottom will participate.

  • Top’s will have approximately 15 minutes to tie a crab tie that includes a wrap over the thighs. Please ask ahead of time if you need further clarification.

  • Once bottoms are in a stable tie, they will race each other through an obstacle course to the finish line.

  • Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to individuals based on speed and points applied to the team total.


Event 5: Mermaid Swim Race

  • For tying pairs and self-tiers alike

  • Rope for water bondage is required (synthetics, hemp- basically not jute)

  • Participants will have approximately 20 mins to tie a mermaid inspired leg tie. Arms must be free.

  • Merfolk will race the length of the pool and back.

  • Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded.


Event 6: Dolphin - Tied Up Ring Dive:

  • For tying pairs

  • Rope for water bondage is required (synthetics, hemp- basically not jute)

  • Bottom’s wrists will be tied together behind their back. We suggest a double column tie or an armbinder.

  • Spotters will be present in the pool during the event should someone need help.

  • Competitors will be staggered so that the tying pair up next will tie during another pair’s dive time. When their starting buzzer sounds, each bound bottom will swim to the bottom of the pool to retrieve as many pool rings as they can before time runs out. One pool ring per dive.

  • Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded based on the number of pool rings collected.

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