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2020 Excursion Adventures - Sunset Cruise!

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Kinbaku Catamaran!  

Mermaids, Mermen, Mer-everyone!

Monday 12/14- 3- 6pm


(Back  &  Better for 2020!)j

*A Private Catamaran Sunset Cruise to Cliffs & Caves; Open Bar; Snorkel; Cliff Jumping;  $80/pp

*Mermaid, Mermen, mereverybody, & rope & photo friendly!

*Clothing optional, shenanigans permitted (within reason; but please respect the boat staff and honor safety concerns!)

*Limited spots / subject to availability

*This year load-in is from the Hedo dock! NO BUSES/long walks!


A three hour tour??? .... Now WHERE have I heard that before?!?


You have been asking, and we finally made it happen...the RIGHT way!  A private sunset catamaran  cruise along the stunning Negril cliffs & caves!   Come snorkel, do rope and photos, get 'yer mer-person on, go cliff jumping, and more!  Get naked if you want, and drink up too - the trip includes unlimited open bar!

Key points: 

* 3 hour cruise

* Unlimited open bar

* Clothing optional

* Photoshoots (mermen, mermaids, rope, mer-everyone!)

* Snorkeling at the Sandy Cove Reef and caves! (gear provided)

* Swim over to Rick's Cafe to cliff jump (if you dare!)

* Sightseeing along the Negril Coast.

* Music, entertainment, and more!

*Please tip your boat captains on this one as they are not resort employees.

Limited availability, reserve your spot!

**This year load-in is from the Hedo dock! NO BUSES or long walks back!

*What to Bring: a bathing suit, towels, a waterproof camera (or waterproof phone case), and a little water-safe rope if you want!  Bring your own snorkel gear if you want, or borrow the provided equipment on the boat.

After only one year, the BeachBind catamaran trip is now nearly legendary...and we had to make it happen again! With a large boat and a smaller group, we feel that this can happen and reasonably keep everyone safe. As always, please make decisions based on your own risk profile!

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