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BeachBind V 2020

Week 1 Waiting List Sign Up!

May 2-9th, 2020 (Week 1)
May 9-14th, 2020 (Week 2)

It is hard to believe, but week 1 is sold out. How is this even possible?


Week 1 Waiting List: 

The waiting list usually works! Because life happens and the event is a year out, it is common for a number of people to cancel. Most people on the waiting list will have a chance to get a spot. Sign up fast though, those at the front of the line have the best chance!


Waiting List Options:

1.  Sign up for Week 2 and add Week 1:  If you sign up for week 2 and also sign up for the week 1 waiting list, you can add week 1 later if a spot becomes available and stay for both weeks.

2.  Sign up for Week 2 and change to Week 1:  If a spot opens for you prior to December 15th, you may change from week 2 to week 1; however, after December 1st, as payments are non-refundable, you are locked into coming regardless if a spot opens for Week 1. If your week 1 waiting list slot opens up after December 15th, your only options will be to add week 1 and stay the whole time, or pass on week 1 and stay for week 2 only. If you change to week 1 prior to December 15th, payments and deposits already made can be transferred to your new balance for week 1. Note that your room type reserved for week 2 may not be available for week 1, so your nightly rate may change, or if you are staying for both, you may choose to move rooms after week 1. 

3.  Waiting list only: You can choose to roll the dice and hope a week 1 spot opens. Note, if week 2 is sold out, you will not be able later register for week 2 if you choose this option.

Waiting List Confirmation and Payment Terms:

If you get a spot, you will get an email. You will then have 72 hours to confirm that you want the spot. If you confirm the spot prior to November 17th, payment in full are due by December 1st. If you confirm your spot after November 17th, you must be paid in full within two weeks. If payments are not timely, you may lose your spot or be assessed a late fee. Note that after January 1, 2020,  we cannot hold your room unless you are paid in full. Note further that rates go up after December 1st, and this applies to those not already registered for week 2.

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