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Virtually BeachBind 20202.jpg

Virtually BeachBind

w/ Wykd Dave, clover, & Mynx*

*Note: Due to a family emergency, knot_head will not be able to present. Mynx has graciously stepped up to fill in with a really cool workshop (see below).

We can't help thinking about that sad, probably empty and lonely beach in Negril that should be packed right now with scantily-clad/naked/roped and necklace-wearing BeachBinds. While we are all looking forward to December, in the meantime, let's connect via Zoom with a virtual BeachBind!

The Event is FREE and open to BeachBind registered attendees, past and present!

If you are not yet registered for BB 2020 in December, registrations will be open to the public soon if the resort has rooms available - check at and sign up for the email list to be the first to know!


Awesome Prizes! Including:

  • Free ticket to a Studio Kokoro online class

  • Knot Head Nylon 6 rope kit w/ t-shirt

  • Knot Head Nylon 4 rope kit w/ t-shirt

  • Knot Head Nylon 2 rope kit w/ t-shirt



Workshop Descriptions

Aesthetics of Emotions w/ Wykd Dave & clover

 This is a new Dave & clover workshop! 

Let’s Chat: Stacking the Odds in your Favor to Maximize Scene Success w/ Mynx
In this discussion class, we will see what improves the odds of success in a scene and learn how to avoid scene floppage. We will learn fun ways to ask questions potent enough to provide the needed information without sounding mechanical, dry, or sterile. Entering into a scene with the right information can make all the difference.

Other Info:

  • Beach Attire is optional but encouraged, but please no nudity as it violates the Zoom terms, and the Zoom account was graciously loaned to us by Studio Kokoro, who relies on this account right now!  Please respect these terms (this includes female nipples).

  • Privacy:  Please respect privacy - absolutely no recording or screen shots permitted. 

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