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Want to be part of the team? BeachBind has staff openings for Staff for September 2021 and May 2022. Staff is generally a low-stress, easy job, and can be fun! It is a great way to meet new people and be a part of the event!  Staff is very important and the event would not happen without them!  


Regular staff duties at the event may include check-in, event & workshop staffing, general assistance, play space monitor, & possibly luggage mule!  Plus staff get discounts and perks (SEE BELOW)!

Staff Positions with Additional Responsibilities

(apply for as many as you would like, or stick with regular staff): 


We also have opportunities to get more involved with organizational duties and planning before the event or take on additional responsibilities during the event. Some of these positions will receive additional compensation. The current positions are:

*Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator:  This is a high-level position that will consult directly with organizers year round to help further the event's short and long-term diversity and inclusion goals. Responsibilities may include assistance with presenter planning, marketing messages, staff training and communication, planning of workshops, and the general implementation of the event's ongoing efforts, as currently described here:


*Ropelympics Chairperson: This position would involve responsibilities before and during the event which may include brainstorming new ropelympics events, drafting ropelympics rules, facilitating sign ups, forming teams, and running all ropelympics events.


*Check in Coordinator: This position would involve responsibilities primarily during the event which may include managing and training check in staff, monitoring check in, and being available throughout the week to check in late arrivals. You must be arriving at least one day early for this position and ideally staying for at least 7 nights.

*Merchandise Coordinator: This position would primarily involve responsibilities before the event which may include assisting with selection of merchandise designs and options, creation of merchandise store and store management, and ensuring everyone receives their merchandise. You will ideally arrive one day early to the event.


*Excursion Coordinator: This position would involve responsibilities before and during the event which may include assisting with planning of excursions, assisting with excursion registration, maintenance of excursion registration lists, on-site excursion check in, and group lead during excursions as a BeachBind representative.

*Equipment Coordinator & Space Manager: This position would primarily involve on-site responsibilities which may include overseeing delivery and set up of tent, trusses, hard points, signage, and bamboo, ensuring that hard points are moved on time and to the correct locations throughout the week, and ensuring all event spaces are ready (available, unlocked, air conditioned, water and towels available, speaker at tent, etc.).

*Communication (Marketing, Email, Social Media): This position would involve responsibilities before and during the event which may include, attendee and public communications (e.g. email), social media management and attendee communication via social media (FetLife, Twitter, & Instagram), publicity and event promotion, and assisting with model releases and communication with event photographers and models regarding use of images.  This role may be filled by one person or a staff team.


*BeachBind Gives Back Chair: This position would primarily involve responsibilities before the event which includes the general execution of the BBGives charity auction, including finding and communicating with potential donors, setting up the auction, assistance with promotion, and follow up on auction winners and donors.


*Performance Liaison: This position would primarily involve on-site responsibilities which may include communication with performers, assisting with music, ensuring performances start and stop on time, and emcee (introduce our group and performers). 


*Staff Manager: This position would involve primarily on-site responsibilities which may include overall management of all staff, understanding of all staff positions, staff scheduling, and availability to step in and cover staff positions as needed. Ideally this person will arrive a day early and remain for the entire event. 

*Consent and Mediation Advocate Team: This is position is a member of a small team of about 3 people.. The role involves responsibilities before and during the event which may include assisting drafting and implementing a consent and mediation policy and intake form, and assisting in investigations regarding any registered attendee before the event. This person should be promptly available throughout the event by text/whatsapp, email, the event app, and/or during office hours for consent education, consent information, or intake of disputes and consent issues or reports. If an incident were to occur, this person must be comfortable, confident, and prepared to accept reports, mediate disputes if requested, conducted on-site preliminary investigations, and provide resources to all parties involved. This position will have reduced standard staff responsibilities during the event, but this person must still be visible, highly accessible, and approachable.

Staff perks include approximately up to $349 in perks as follows for September 2021-May 2022 TBA:  

  • Discounted rate ($25/night off the regular rate - a $250 value for 10 nights).

  • Free waterfall hike trip to Bento Falls or discounted catamaran trip (as available; excursions are not yet confirmed).

  • Free staff t-shirt ($25value)

Additional compensation for larger involvement may be available. 


Staff should try to arrive a day early if possible.    

Staff Rates (September 2021)

Note:  Rates are subject to change by the resort or BeachBind at any time.



Think BeachBind is Expensive?  

  • It certainly requires budgeting, but though it is hard to believe, BB can actually be similar or sometimes even less expensive than or about the same as many major rope cons!  See how.   

Room Types - So Many Choices!

Which Should You Choose?


See room type descriptions here.  Also note that:

Ocean View v. Garden View:

  • Ocean View rooms  are located on the beach.

  • Garden View rooms are located just behind the Ocean View rooms.

  • The ocean vie rooms, which are right on the beach, are a little more expensive than the garden view rooms, which are just behind 

  • those rooms and really not much farther from the beach. 

 Nude Rooms vs. Regular ("Prude"):

  • Nude rooms are adjacent to the nude beach and nude pool. If you are hanging out in the nude beach area of the nude side,  you must be nude, but you do not have to be nude to walk to and from your room (whether you are walking on the beach or on a path on the non-beach side).

  • "Regular" or "Prude" rooms are on the "Prude" side, which is clothing optional.  At Hedo, "prude" is simply a non-derogatory term for "clothing optional.


Classic vs. Premium:

  • Most rooms are the "classic" rooms, which have renovated or improved as of 2019.   

  • More expensive "premium" rooms are also available, which are rooms that have been renovated to be a little nicer. Some have their own private hot tubs or doors that open to the beach. There are only a small number of premium and hot tub rooms.   

Come Early, Stay Late!

  • ​Want to come early or stay longer? Do eeeeet!!  Group rates still apply!

  • It is becoming more common for people to arrive a day or three early or stay a day or two late. Hard points will be typically available on the beach, the gym, and/or in cabanas, trees, and other spots around the resort, and there may be other happenings. There is usually a lot of tying, photo time, and relaxation as well!  Who knows what else might happen! Please book ASAP if you want to come early as those rooms are limited and often sell out.

  • BeachBind Group rates are available for bookings in the days before and after the event!

  • Rates for additional nights before and after these dates are subject to availability or price differentials based on resort rates for those nights. Contact Tom's Trips to book!


 What Happens After you Register: 

  1. Our travel agent, Tom's Trips, will check with the resort and confirm your room type availability for your selected dates.

  2. Once confirmed, you will receive an invoice from Tom's Trip's with your confirmed details in the next week or so.

  3. Until you receive your confirmation, please do not pay a deposit, and do not book airfare. It is possible that there will not be your chosen room type or any rooms available; if so you will be given other options such as a different room type or our waitlist.

  4. Once you get your confirmation, please pay a deposit ($200 per person). You must pay a deposit within 10 days of receipt of your confirmation to confirm and hold your spot. You can pay your deposit online or by calling Michelle at Tom's Trips at 800-285-0853 or emailing her at All deposits and payments are non-refundable.



    • April 1, 2021:  Half of balance due

    • May 1, 2021:  Full payment due

    • Balances not paid in full by May 1, 2021 could result in forfeiture of your spot or late fees. All payments become non-refundable after May 1, 2021.

    • Please contact Michelle ( ASAP if you will have problems paying by May 1, or would like to extend your stay or arrive early, change your dates.

    • September 10th:  Roommates Changes: Please add or change roommates by using the Roommate Add From by September 10

    • August 24th:  Flight Info: Please provide your flight info here so that we 1) can book your bus transfers and have a bus waiting for you, and 2) so we can be sure to greet you in the lobby at our check-in desk upon your arrival!




All Inclusive / Minimum 5 Nights

  • These rates are per person and all-inclusive, and include:

    • all food and drinks, including alcohol. Food and drinks are available 24/7 and there are a number of wonderful dining options! See more information on dining here: .  The resort can accommodate most dietary needs and restrictions; contact the resort directly, however, to ensure that your specific needs can be met.

    • all BeachBind events and workshops other than optional excursions and private instruction

    • all entertainment and activities offered and included in their normal rates by the resort. See what is currently included and available at here (offerings are subject to change). 

  • The resort requires a 5 night minimum stay to attend this group event

​ Event Deposits:

  • $200 per person 

  • Note: Your room is not reserved and your registration is subject to cancellation until deposit has been paid. You may lose your spot if a deposit is not paid within the earlier of 10 days of your confirmation or May 1, 202 (payment in full is due for registrations after May 1, 2021). Any registration not paid in full after May 1, 2021 is subject to cancellation. 

  • All deposits are non-refundable. 


Adding/Changing Roommates: 

  • If you have a room booked, you may add or change your roommate at any time before September 15th. To add a roommate at any time. To do so, please use the add roommate form here. After that date, changes may still be available, but are subject to availability, at the discretion of the travel agent and event, and subject to a $200 late fee.

  • Any additional roommates or roommate changes must be registered separately and paid in full by May 1st 2021, or upon registration.


​​Payment Plan Deadlines and Information:

  • Payment Deadlines:  50% of your balance is due by April 1, 2021; payment in full is due by May 1, 2021.

  • Tom's Trips may cancel your registration and room if your invoice is not paid in full by May 1, 2021. No refunds will apply after May 1, 2021. You may also lose your spot if you do not pay your 1/2 payment by April 1, 2021 and have not contacted Tom's Trips to arrange an alternate payment plan.

  • Late Fees: Payments after May 1, 2021. For accounts not paid in full by May 1, 2021,  registrations may be cancelled. Late payments may be accepted at the discretion of BeachBind and Tom’s Trips (without obligation). For invoices paid and accepted after May 1, 2021, a $200 per person fee will be added if accepted. NOTE, please contact Tom's Trips immediately if you will not be able to pay by May 1. You have a better chance of keeping your spot if you communicate and late fees can be waived at the discretion of Tom's Trips.

  • Exceptions to late payments and fees can be granted in special situations, but ONLY if you request an extension and it is approved.

  • All payments (other than deposits) are 100% refundable until May 1, 2021 if paid by check. Credit card payments are 95% refundable due to the 5% credit card processing fee charged to Tom's Trips. After May 1, 2021, no payments are refundable due to the resort group policy (there is nothing we can do about it; although some exceptions may apply). For this reason, we highly advise that you purchase the resort cancellation waiver credit for $25 per person.

  • Your spot is secured only after you have paid your deposit and you have received a confirmation from Tom's Trips.

  • Payments will be made to our travel agent, Tom's Trips, shortly after you register. Tom's Trips will contact you (or you can contact them immediately) to make payment arrangements.  Payments can be made at anytime here.



  • Cancellations made prior to May 1, 2021 are eligible for a full refund less deposits for any amount paid via check. Credit card payments are 95% refundable less deposits (5% is credit card processing fees paid by Tom's Trips).  

  • After May 1, 2021 all deposits and payments are non-refundable. We highly recommend that you consider optional third party trip cancellation insurance and the resort cancellation waiver, which can be purchased through Tom's Trips when you confirm your reservation. 



  • Purchase your own airfare at any time (we recommend sooner than later to get the best rates). Airfare is not included in any packages or plans.

  • Airfare from most North American cities is currently around $400-$800 round trip. You can book this on your own or through Tom's Trips.


​​Airport / Resort Transportation:

  • Your booking does not include transportation to and from the airport; however Tom's Trips will book that for you! Round-trip transfers are $50.00 per person and are available through Tom's Trip's when booking. You need this to get to the resort from the airport and back! The transfer will be automatically added to your invoice unless you opt out on your application or let Tom's Trips know you do not want it.


  • Passports are required.  Please do not wait to get or renew a passport as it can sometimes take months. Make sure your passport is not going to expire before the event or even within 6 months after your trip - if so, renew now! 

  • NOTE: Make sure your booking info on your airline reservation matches your passport exactly. TSA (Transportation Security Administration) can deny boarding if they do not match exactly and the resort also needs an exact match for check-in. 

  • Make sure your event registration information matches your passport as the resort will check this upon arrival, and a discrepancy may cause issues at check-in.


​Travel Health Insurance (highly recommended):

  • While the resort has a nurse available or can refer you to a local doctor for routine health issues, your medical insurance will likely not cover medical expenses in Jamaica. A serious matter involving medical evacuation or long-term injury could be extremely costly (often $30,000+).

  • Plans are available through private companies like travelsafe and United Healthcare. See more info

  • RopeLab and Tom's Trips are not responsible for your travel insurance, medical needs or injuries while traveling. 

  • We also highly recommend trip cancellation insurance and the $25 resort cancellation waiver. This will automatically be added to your invoice by Tom's Trips unless you opt out.


​*Not Included With All-Inclusive BeachBind Rates:

  • Airfare

  • Anything not included by the hotel, such as spa services or SCUBA certification (but SCUBA diving IS included if you are already certified), their wine bar, gift shop, espresso bar, etc. 

  • Off-Resort and optional activities like private instruction, sightseeing, day trips, and excursions, such as the waterfall photoshoot and eco hike or kinky catamaran.

  • Airport - Resort transportation (round trip is $50 through Tom's Trips and is automatically added to your invoice unless you opt-out)

  • Trip cancellation insurance, the resort cancellation waiver, and travel health insurance (highly recommended)

  • Airline baggage fees


Tipping:  The resort has a no-tipping policy, but you will want to tip non-resort staff such as your bus/taxi drivers and staff assisting with excursions. The guides and bus drivers for the waterfall hike and catamaran will expect tips and they rely on them!


​Mobile Phones:  Mobile phones work in Jamaica, but check with your provider to get an international plan and make sure you understand how it works. AT&T, for example, has an international plan that you must purchase or you will be charged an exorbitant amount.


Wi-fi and ​Internet: The hotel recently upgraded its wi-fi and is typically suitable for most common internet tasks, including remote work.  The resort has free wi-fi in the rooms and most areas around the resort. There is an extra fee to access a "faster speed" that is meant to be for streaming.  Although the wi-fi has been reliable in the last year, please plan for the fact that the wi-fi may not be as good as you are used to; e.g. may not be ideal for remote desktop or video streaming or you may not be able to access the type of service you need when you need it. Don't worry though, there is free porn 24/7 on the TV in your room…(priorities!)


​Electrical current: If it works in the US, it should work in Jamaica. The resort has the US standard 110 volts for its outlets, so in general, your electric razor, phone chargers, and other electrical devices will operate in the standard electrical current in Jamaica if they work in the US. If not, you will need a travel converter. 


​All registrations are subject to the BeachBind rules, waiver, and event terms, located here, and all terms are subject to change.


See our extensive FAQ page for more details and lots of useful info.  


Any questions?  Contact Tom's Trip's for booking, resort, or room questions at or 800-285-0853. For general event questions, please contact