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A note about Wykd_Dave & Clover

September 2021 Presenters:


zero-gi & samjay

Ms. Reemah

Niho Mano & Nkay A’mano







-EM- & Isean

Miss Doctor


Peter Heid & Sally Switch

Bear & Fox

2022 Presenters Coming Soon!

All Presenters are  committed to attending subject to Covid developments and restrictions. As always, presenters, workshops, and BeachBind events are subject to change.



Gorgone (she/her) is a French rope switch living in Berlin and co-founder of Shibari Study. Her method and approach to rope is deeply influenced by her personal practice of yoga and conscious movement together with 10 years of intense professional experience on both sides of the rope. Her teaching is directed to both riggers and models, guiding them into developing active, conscious and efficient partnerships in order to create safer and more successful rope experiences.


She takes time with her students to deconstruct everything she teaches, from the most basic to the most complex ties, to help reinforce every party’s understanding of the rope’s and body’s mechanics. Her pedagogy focuses on encouraging and developing technical autonomy, freedom and creativity in the student’s practice while maintaining a fundamental background of safety, knowledge and awareness.


With her you will not only learn the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ behind each tie so you can adapt or modify a harness or position to each new partner and situation and fully incorporate it into your own style.


Soptik is a bondage teacher and event organizer. He created his first educational website with information on rope bondage in 2000. After ten years of self-education,  Soptik I met Kinoko Hajime who became his first teacher of Japanese bondage. Afterwards, his tying was shaped by Osada Steve and Kanna; however, Kinoko Ryu is still his  first choice for most of his rope partners. A year later, he started teaching regular bondage workshops and have kept this hobby till today. In the meantime, Soptik met two other teachers who influenced him greatly. The first was Yoroi Nicolas who taught him movement, intimacy, and simplicity in ropes. The second and the most influential was Riccardo Wildties. He introduced Soptik to Naka Ryu. The more Soptik studies with Riccardo and Naka Akira, the more he falls in love with this style.

In recent years teaching ropes and organizing foreign teachers’ visits has become almost a part-time job. Soptik loves to teach topics he is passionate about, such as predicaments and sadistic, overpowering, and dynamic ways of tying, breath play, and many others. Soptik loves his job. :-)


knot head

(Event Photographer & Teaching Rope and photography)

Beginning with a mix of flea market handcuffs, bathrobe belts and neck ties, knot_head has always loved bondage.
Although he began with Japanese-style rope, he’s since gravitated to the strict, clean, efficient, Western style of riggers like Jay Edwards, Matt Williams, Lew Rubens and Claire Adams. For him, it IS about the simple, strict, positional bondage, and "what happens once she's tied", challenging predicaments being his favorite.


Then he caught the photography bug and loves showing kinksters how easy it can be to get a quality shot with their gear, from phone to full studio set up.

His shtick is to make bondage (and photography) simple and fun for anyone willing to learn.



-EM-. Based in Memphis, Tennessee and active in the BDSM community since 2010, EM is a sadistic rope and whip enthusiast whose interests lie in pushing his bottoms with strenuous yet beautiful poses. With years of experience learning rope from various artists across North America, his interpretation of Japanese bondage stems from a desire to withdraw submission from the female form and highlight its beauty through suffering and strain. EM's primary interests (rope, whips, photography) stem from his interests in perfecting technique, skill, and accuracy with regard to all forms of S&M play.


Isean (pronounced E-shawn) is an avid fitness enthusiast and a student of multiple disciplines of yoga. She is an experienced presenter who has taught rope all over the US, and internationally.

A skilled rigger and very experienced bottom, she began with an interest self- tying 6 years ago. Isean has worked with a number of talented riggers and bottoms and developed her own hands-on teaching approach which focuses on her sadistic style of tying. To her tying is art, trust, sensuality, pain, lust, and more. 

Her style continues to evolve as she incorporates new disciplines and techniques into her own 

practice. She hopes students will be able to find new knowledge in her teaching, and use it to expand their skills and develop their own individual style.

em isean 2.jpg
em isean 1.jpg
em isean 3.jpg
em isean 4.jpg

MissDoctor is a kink-friendly practicing physician who works in primary care with an emphasis on musculoskeletal medicine, endocrinology, and women's health. She has been personally involved in the world of bondage for over 20 years, and she started to explore Shibari in 2013. Her experience as a rock climber, athlete, and artist provide her with a practical perspective on bottoming, rigging, and self-suspension. Her years of experience as an educator help her make safety, anatomy, and health concerns easy to understand and apply. She encourages hands-on exploration and helps students develop a more intimate understanding of themselves and their partners.  She is one of the leaders of the Arizona Shibari Studio and one of the organizers of the rope convention Desert Bound.

D85_9352 (1).jpg
20190921 GiGi Farmhouse Magazine 035 (1)

Zero-Gi and Sam Jay are a dynamic duo that gets off on high flying thrills, curiosity, and risk ideation using rope as their conduit. Since joining forces in late 2018, their thrill-seeking chemistry has been electric. 

Whether it's death-defying tying feats at high altitude or tying on the streets of NYC, they have no interest in subtlety. Within the first month of tying together, they executed the first documented single toe suspension. Sam Jay, since 2011, is classically trained in Japan and with both masters and licensed instructors. Zero-Gi got a later start, with her three NYC-based years of education and experience supplemented by a dedicated practice as a self-suspender. They are most noted for their public work, but their love language of danger and vulgarity is rooted in endless hot ties at home.

Screenshot 2021-03-05 203209.gif

Ms. Reemah (she/her), Domme, Rigger

Ms. Reemah is a queer woman of color from Atlanta. She has been a part of the kink community since 2017. Ms. Reemah is a member of the sisterhood Black Femme Doms (BFD)-Atlanta, and one of the organizers for Rope Bite Atlanta. Ms. Reemah enjoys all things bondage, beating people’s ass (including rough body play), power exchange, and service. Her passions are teaching, mentoring, advocating for the LGBTQ community and POCs, and developing/maintaining healthy relationships. 

Ms. Reemah derives immense joy and connectedness through rope play. There is an intimate connection between a rigger and rope bottom that is profound and unlike no other. While also providing an outlet for creativity by manifesting the beauty and strength of the bottom and rope.

POCs are disproportionately represented in the kink community. As a queer black Femme Domme, Ms. Reemah has taken strides to increase the visibility, education, participation, and awareness of POCs in the kink community.

Lavender (She/her pronouns)

Lavender walked into her first munch three years ago with her best friend and it wasn’t until year two when she discovered her desire to be in rope. Ever since then she has sought out education for rope through attending demos / rope labs at her home club at the time to reading books that focused on rope bondage. One thing she really likes about rope is the transfer and exchange of energy that happens between the top and the bottom. She uses those moments to further get in tune with her body just as she does in her pole dancing journey which began in 2018 and continuously discovers how that skill set transfers into rope.

What she gains from doing kink is strengthening the tethers that tie her to a person during the scene and building blocks for strong connections with others within the community. She seeks to increase the visibility of queer black rope bottoms who are curious about all things rope!

 (Teaching Rope)

JD-66 is a Toronto, Canada based rigger who started tying in 2008. His style has evolved over the years but is mostly a playful semi sadistic style of rope. He loves playing with balance and unbalance in rope and reading his partner and taking them to places they didn't expect. He owns and runs The Toronto Kinbaku Salon which just had its fifth anniversary in Oct 2018. The Salon as it is commonly referred to is a Kazami Ryu where the Kazami style of rope is taught to its many students. We also host other presenters from around the world of various styles.


He loves helping and teaching other Kazami Style but has some background in other styles so he is able to meld various styles to help people with developing and adding to their repertoires and creating their own individual style.

rainbow brite.jpg

IPCookieMonster is a sexual gymnast. She has been a kinky pansexual polyamorous pagan freak for several years, and has written extensively about about her deliciously deviant lifestyle on fetlife and her blog, Having gone through everything from ballet to tap to fire to pole, she was starting to run out of forms of dance to study in her insatiable quest for new ways to sexily manipulate the human body when she was captured by some divinely inspired ropes. And lo, she found a new form of dance to obsess about (bondage) and got some new gods as a bonus. Once she had the epiphany that bondage is fucking awesome, she decided to start preaching the artistic, spiritual, and seductive powers of rope.


Steve (Niho_Mano)- is an ever-evolving man of many devious devices from needles to rough body play. His greatest passion lies in rope bondage and suspension. He is a Master, sadist and rigger sprinkled with just the right amount of sick fucker to keep things interesting. Steve has been in the greater Houston scene since 2014 and practicing rope bondage since 2015. He has taught and performed for the past three years with his slave, Nkay. Together they present classes with the perspective of both sides of the slash.

Nadia (Nkay)- Nkay, slave and sadomasochistic rope switch, is equal parts twisted mind and ball full of giggles. She is a passionate medical professional and yoga enthusiast with three years of rope bottoming experience. She brings a different perspective to bottoming and body mechanics through the mingling of her combined passions. Locally, Nadia loves to perform, co-present with her Owner Niho_Mano, and lead rope bottoming education classes.




darkEcho is a rope bottom and self-suspender from Louisville, KY who is passionate about building rope bottoming skills in our community. dE began her rope journey as a bottom in 2012 at Shibaricon in Chicago, IL but truly caught the ‘rope bug’ two years later as an unpartnered rope enthusiast. Rope discussions, instruction and peer-to-peer experiences ignited a passion, which has fueled her journey for the last six years. dE travels regionally and nationally to rope conferences and intensives to invest in her education and skill set. Her greatest desire is to help other bottoms develop processing skills for rope, pain, communication and endurance. 

Copy of 7583895360__MG_6047.JPG

Princess-Yum-Yum (they/them/she/her) found the Denver BDSM community in 2010 and started learning how to tie themself in 2015. They are a founding member of Studio Friction in Denver and managed the day to day for 3 years before stepping down in 2020 . Yum-Yum also co-produces an event in Denver that focuses on education for bottoms/submissives/slaves/etc. called Right Side of the Slash weekend. Sharing knowledge with others is a passion of hers, so getting to teach at BeachBind is right up their ally! 


Peter Heid & Sally Switch

(teaching Balloon play)

Peter Heid (he/him) (PeterHeid on FetLife) resides in Denver, CO with his partner Sally Switch. He identifies himself as a lifestyle Dominant and a Sadist. Peter has been a BDSM practitioner for most of his life. He loves laughter and humor, so he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is a Latex/Bondage Fetishist who covers a wide range in his play. 

Sally Switch (she/her) (thesallyswitch on Fetlife) is a latex enthusiast living in Golden, Colorado. She has multiple years of experience in several kink communities west of the Mississippi. She enjoys DMing and has done so for large and small-scale events across the country. Sally has put upwards of 30 people into balloons! 

bear fox.jpg

Bear & Fox

(Hosting Cigar, Boots, Chocolate (and Rum) Socials)

Bear and Fox (Michael/Joh) are veterans of the East Coast rope and kink scene and based in Richmond Virginia (RVA). 


Bear is a light hearted Master of Ceremonies that thrives on facilitating kinky experiences for those who would want to enjoy the lifestyle as ‘Friends and Lovers’. Fox is an experienced rope bottom with both service and switchy personalities on full display. And with a gracious thank you to Direwo1f, we invite all y’all to our Social, "Cigars, Boots, Chocolate (and Rum)". 


These events are for everybody. Please come and present your leathers, indulge in your hedonistic desires and vices, and intentionally engage in your preferred dynamics in a shared space. Let’s all enjoy our mutual vices. 


Would you like to learn about cigars and service? Do you desire an evening to wear your leather? Want to enjoy a cocktail with your newest best friend? Perhaps you just want to kneel at your partners feet for a moment and indulge; CBC(R) is for everyone!



(Event Photographer)

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