BeachBind Schedule Updates & Changes


By now you have come to understand the concept of Jamaica time.  Jamaica schedule is also a thing! J


We have to adjust to a few things that have come up.  Most are easy enough, but if you were planning to go on the Catamaran, please pay special attention to that note below.




  • Dinner & Wykd Dave/clover performance is now on the Prude beach (near our tent) unless it rains (the main dining room closed for the resort's Jamaican beach party; the normal dinner and performances are now on the beach)




  • The Snorkel (originally scheduled for 3:45pm) *** moved to 3pm (arrive at 2:45)***


  • Workshop change:  Body Language ; Reading people in Rope:

With -Chel- (originally scheduled for Tuesday 2pm in the Gym):  ***Moved to Wednesday  3:15-4:30 in the gym***


  • Workshop Change:  Rope control, movement & Tension:

 Wykd_Dave & clover (originally scheduled for Tuesday 2pm in the disco):  ***Moved to Wednesday 4:15-5:30 in the Disco***


  • UPL -2-4pm Gym  (we have added this)




  • Body Language ; Reading people in Rope:

With -Chel-   ***now on Wednesday  3:15-4:30 in the gym***


  • Rope control, movement & Tension:

 Wykd_Dave & clover ***now on Wednesday 4:15-5:30 in the Disco***


Note:  We can still register for a spot on the waterfall hike. If you have not paid and want to go, please see Maddy, Meagan, Juniper or DireWo1f ASAP.




  • The Catamaran has been moved to 3pm (originally scheduled for 4:15pm).  Please be at the docks by 2:45pm.   Unfortunately this is out of our control, and we cannot move the workshops scheduled for that time.  If you have already paid and would prefer to get a refund, we would be happy to do so.  Just let Maddy, Meagan, Juniper or DireWo1f know. Your refund will be given in the same manner by which you paid (EventBrite or cash). 


  • Note: If you are have already paid and are going, you will need to get a paper voucher from the excursion desk in the lobby, located just to the right of the BeachBind check in table.  They will have your name. Please stop by on Wednesday or Thursday prior to going to the docks.


  • Catamaran registration is now closed.

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