BeachBind is proud to present the

Second Annual Ropelympics!

at BeachBind IV 2019!  + Mini Camp!

This year’s events will include challenges such as crab tie and futo crawl races, eeling, blind tying relay race, blind-TK challenge, tied-up ring dive, mermaid tie swim race, and a team photo challenge!


At BeachBind Ropelympics, you will compete as a team of 4-6! Read more and sign up below!

At MiniCamp Ropelympics, all events will be individual teams for each event. Sign up below for the events you're interested in! Drop in spots will be limited.

Ropelympics @ BeachBind!

Teams will be selected on Sunday, May 5th at BeachBind and the events will take place throughout the week.


Each team will come up with a team name and then decorate a team flag. Each team will be made up of the same number of riggers and bottoms (or close to it) and likely will consist of 4-6 members. You may sign up as a single (top, bottom, or no preference) or pairs (top and bottom). Pairs are welcome to join a team together.


Participants will sign up before BeachBind or at check in by 4pm on Sunday. You will also have the option to list desired teammates. Ropelympics staff will try to honor this request, but it may not be granted. Teams will then be determined after based on the number of people registered.  

The goal is that each team member participates; therefore, any given team member should not participate in a second event until all team members have participated in an event. Teams can look ahead at the event schedule and plan who will do what for each event.  We also encourage other team members to be present at the events to cheer on the team members participating in any given challenge.


Team point system:

Gold Medals - 10 points each

Silver medals - 6 points each

Bronze medals - 3 points each

Spots may be limited, and are first come! 

<<<<<< SIGN UP NOW! 


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