Private Instruction:

Most BB presenters will again offer private instruction in 2020. Check back in early 2020 for info!

One of the absolute best ways to improve your skills is to spend one-on-one time with an advanced instructor.  The presenters listed below are offering private instruction during their stay in Jamaica. Please contact the presenter directly for more information and to arrange sessions/payments.  Note: These slots are limited and fill up FAST, so book ASAP!

WykD_Dave & clover have limited spots available for private instruction in rope and rope bottoming, Their style is aesthetically inspired by Naka ryu and technically inspired by Akechi ryu.  Contact them at or to schedule a time. Limited spots available. Don't wait; they sold out last year and will again this year! 


Fred Hatt & AnnaBones are available to teach technical elements/structure/construction logic etc, specific harnesses, suspension & transition techniques (especially on single point and carabiners), predicaments (how to come up with them and build them), sadism in rope.

Contact them for info and to schedule at:

-EM- & Isean are available for a limited numbe ro fprivate spots teaching rope and whips. Please message them directly at for more information or to book a spot. 

FredRx is offering limited private instruction slots teaching anything he does, including rope, photography, whips, etc.  For more info or to book, please direct message him on any of his social media accounts or at

Mynx is offering a limited number of rope private lessons. Please contact her to schedule. 

MissDoctor is avialble for a limited umbe rof private spots teaching rope, self0-tying and bottming/nerve safty. plesae message her directly at for more informaiton or to book a spot. 

knot_head is offering rope and photography instruction, as well as private photo shoots.  Message him directly for more info and to arrange. ​​

RopeFiendJ is available for photography and photo editing privates. 

DireWo1fLimited spots available for rope instruction. Contact DireWo1f here.

SluttyHands offers instruction in rope, floor and suspension. They can teach patterns, but mostly do improvisation and focus on the connection between the partners. Their rate is $75/h, and can be contacted via fetlife or instagram as Sluttyhands.

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