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September 2021

Private instruction is by far the best way to up your rope game as a top or bottom or in other kink areas!  Take advantage of your opportunity to study with these world-class presenters while you can!

The presenters listed below are offering private instruction at the event, subject to their availability and schedule. Schedule ASASP to ensure you get a spot!


Please contact  presenters directly to make arrangements or for additional information. 


* To schedule: email:

-EM- & Isean

* Teaching rope and whips. 

* To schedule: email


* Adapting ties to the bottom

* exploring rope after injuries

* tying various body types

* managing rope with medical issues.

* To schedule:  Direct message via FetLife


 * Rope bottoming--either working with rope bottoms, or being tied by a top looking to improve their skills with detailed feedback, or pro rope bottoming for anyone who wants a very experienced bottom for a private lesson. 
* Connection
* Power exchange, especially pertaining to fem dom and switching
* If there's something else you've seen me do that you want to learn, we can talk

*  Rates to be negotiated based on what we're doing and what you're looking for.

*  To schedule: Email 

Niho_Mano and nKay

* Aguras:  We teach two unique aguras. A one-rope suspendable agura, and the Lotus a'Mano - specially designed for bottoms that can do full lotus position.

* Full Contact Rope / CNC: Capture and Restrain: Selected material from these CNC and Rough Body Play classes

* Choking and Breath Play - Techniques, anatomy, and safety for giving and receiving

* Face striking - Techniques for giving and receiving. (If you can't attend our group class, or prefer 1:1 instruction)

* Anatomy, Health, Safety, and First Aid for BDSM: Topics of interest from a health care professional.

* To schedule Email

Dark Echo

* $35/hr for coaching bottoming skills, offering tips and tricks to both while the Rope Top ties their Rope Bottom. One hr minimum.
* If the Rope Top would like to tie me for a bottom-led labbing session, the cost is $65 per hour with a two-hour minimum and their partner must be present. 

* To schedule: DM on Discord or email


* 1:1 intro to Aerial Hammock or intro to Lyra: Learn basic entrances into either apparatus, body positioning, and a beginner level flow through poses (providing the Lyra survives the journey to arrive there lol)
* 1:1 Aerial conditioning: learn how to use either apparatus as a strengthening device to improve your intentional movements and control in the air
* 1:1 Aerial tricks and flips (either apparatus): Learn a specific series of tricks with intent focus on breaking down the components of each trick. Interested students are welcome to send or bring inspiration for poses they want to achieve!

* General notes:  I've decided I'm going to try to bring Lyra into baggage and I'm hoping it will make it. Disclaimer: my Lyra is custom sized for a rather small human so that will make working with it a little bit different than others if you are a considerably taller human. 
* To schedule: message FilthyFox on FetLife or email:

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