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The presenters listed below are offering private instruction.  Sessions and payments are arranged directly with the presneter.   Contact the presneter to make arrangments or for additional info.  

Wykd_Dave & Clover - Currently sold out but contact them to get on their waiting list.

Knot_head is offereing rope and photography instruction, as well as private photo shoots.  Message him direclty for more info and to arrange. 

Ebi McKnotty  offering private instruction.  See this doc for topics.  100$/hour, minimum of 2h.  Almost sold out. Too schedule, email

-Chel-  is offering beginner to advancd rope instruction.  Contact her here.

The Silence:   Offering beginner photography (example: composition) to advanced (example: How to manage up to 5 individual lights with gels and your camera settings) 

  • $80 per hour.  Payments by Paypal 

  • Provide a bottom or pay additional for his bottom.  

  • You will need a camera of your own! Hopefully a DSLR

  • To book a slot or contact you with questions:  Specify what you'd like to work on. The more specific, the better. 

DireWo1f:  Limted spots available for rope instruction. $100/hr.  Contact

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