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Presenters are always subject to change. Please check back at the start of the event for any changes. 

Expected December 2020 Presenters

(subject to change):


-EM- & Isean 


zero-gi & samjay


Maya (Yoga)

​Event Photographer



(Teaching Rope & BDSM )

-EM-. Based in Memphis, Tennessee and active in the BDSM community since 2010, EM is a sadistic rope and whip enthusiast whose interests lie in pushing his bottoms with strenuous yet beautiful poses. With years of experience learning rope from various artists across North America, his interpretation of Japanese bondage stems from a desire to withdraw submission from the female form and highlight its beauty through suffering and strain. EM's primary interests (rope, whips, photography) stem from his interests in perfecting technique, skill, and accuracy with regard to all forms of S&M play.


(Teaching Rope & BDSM)

Isean (pronounced E-shawn) is an avid fitness enthusiast and a student of multiple disciplines of yoga. She is an experienced presenter who has taught rope all over the US, and internationally.

A skilled rigger and very experienced bottom, she began with an interest self- tying 6 years ago. Isean has worked with a number of talented riggers and bottoms and developed her own hands-on teaching approach which focuses on her sadistic style of tying. To her tying is art, trust, sensuality, pain, lust, and more. 

Her style continues to evolve as she incorporates new disciplines and techniques into her own 

practice. She hopes students will be able to find new knowledge in her teaching, and use it to expand their skills and develop their own individual style.

knot head

(Event Photographer & Teaching Rope and photography)

Beginning 25 years ago with a mix of flea market handcuffs, bathrobe belts and neck ties, knot_head has always loved bondage.


Although he began with Japanese-style rope, he’s since gravitated to the strict, clean, efficient, Western style of riggers like Jay Edwards, Matt Williams, Lew Rubens and Claire Adams. For him, it IS about the simple, strict, positional bondage, and "what happens once she's tied", challenging predicaments being his favorite.

In the past two years he caught the photography bug and loves showing kinksters how easy it can be to get a quality shot with their gear, in almost any setting.

His shtick is to make bondage (and photography) simple and fun for anyone willing to learn.

Zero-Gi and Sam Jay are a dynamic duo that gets off on high flying thrills, curiosity, and risk ideation using rope as their conduit. Since joining forces in late 2018, their thrill-seeking chemistry has been electric. 

Whether it's death-defying tying feats at high altitude or tying on the streets of NYC, they have no interest in subtlety. Within the first month of tying together, they executed the first documented single toe suspension. Sam Jay, since 2011, is classically trained in Japan and with both masters and licensed instructors. Zero-Gi got a later start, with her three NYC-based years of education and experience supplemented by a dedicated practice as a self-suspender. They are most noted for their public work, but their love language of danger and vulgarity is rooted in endless hot ties at home.

Princess-Yum-Yum (they/them/she/her) found the Denver BDSM community in 2010 and started learning how to tie themself in 2015. They are a founding member of Studio Friction in Denver and managed the day to day for 3 years before stepping down in June of this year. Yum-Yum also co-produces an event in Denver that focuses on education for bottoms/submissives/slaves/etc. called Right Side of the Slash weekend. Sharing knowledge with others is a passion of hers, so getting to teach at BeachBind is right up their ally! 


Because you can never be to busy, they also came on as an organizer for BeachBind  earlier this year. So, you'll see her lots during the event and they are especially excited for the opportunity to also teach some self-suspension and other classes in December! 



Teaching Yoga

Born and now back in hippie-town Boulder Colorado, Maya was introduced to yoga at the age of 11 and later became the youngest certified 200 hr RTY teacher in the U.S. by 15. Maya’s training originates in the Baron Baptiste style of yoga but she has later blended all of her different trainings in aerial yoga, yin, pilates and barre into an avant-garde style of yoga practice that is sure to make to you connect into the microcosm of your breath, body and beyond! Maya has been a full-time teacher during college in Sydney and has taught at different festivals and gatherings in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France and she can’t wait to practice with fellow beachbinders! 


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