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BeachBind IV:  2019 Presenter Rates

For Approved Presenters only 
Presenter perks include up to $876 in cash and perks as follows:
  • A payment after the event of $75 per workshop or $200, whichever is less.
  • Discounted rate ($25-$30/night off the regular rate for the rigger AND their bottom/top/companion ($350-$420 value for 7 nights) 
  • Free round trip airport transportation for two between Montego Bay and the resort ($100 value)
  • Free waterfall hike trip to Mayfield Falls for two ($136 value) (BeachBind only)
Presenters typically teach 1-3 workshops, do one evening performance, hold 1 to 2 office hour slots, and participate/collaborate in a portion of the UPL slots.  Presenters that are also Official photographers will typically also host and participate in photo shoots and labs, and photograph the event.  Presenters may also be asked to assist in staffing UPL times and other slots or reasonably help out collaboratively if needed.
Below rates reflect all-inclusive presenter rates per person (based on double occupancy - two or more per room).  
If you are looking to add a third person to a room, please contact us for rates.
Rates below reflect $25-$30/night discount off of the regular rate and are applicable to presenter and one partner/companion)
Rates for dates outside of 5/4 - 5/11 2019  may vary

Think BeachBind is expensive?  

It certainly requires budgeting, but though it is hard to believe, BB can actually be LESS expensive than or about the same as many major rope cons!

 See how.   

Minimum 5 Nights

  • The resort requires a 5 night minimum stay. You must book for at least 5 nights between 5/4/19 and 5/11/19.  

  • You can get the group rate for additional nights before and after these dates as well (subject to availability or price differentials based on resort rates for those nights).

  • These rates are all-inclusive: all food (drinks including alcohol), all BeachBind events and workshops, and all entertainment and activities offered by the resort are included.

Want to Stay longer????  Do eeeeet!!


It is becoming more common for people to arrive a day or two early or stay a day or two late. Some are staying even longer.  Our group rate usually available for at least 3 days before or after the trip!  Next year we plan to try to make hard points more available on the Saturday after the trip, and we are considering other light plans like a Friday night before and Saturday night after  group dinner at the habachi bar, the steakhouse or the Italian restaurant. There is usually a lot of tying, labbing, photo time, and relaxation as well!  Who knows what else might happen!  And you can get our group rates for your extra days (subject to availability)

Which nights should you attend? 


  • While the resort only requires a five night minimum, we encourage you to attend at least seven days (Saturday to Saturday being ideal).  If you talk to past attendees, the week is a shared group experience.  No one likes coming late or leaving early.  Of course, it is better than not going at all. 

Default payment schedule

  • $100 deposit per person is required to secure your spot.  1/2 of the balance owed is due September 15th, 2018.  The balance is due December 1st, 2018.  For registrations after these dates, payment arrangements must be made with Tom's Trips.

  • Your deposit and all payments are 100% refundable until December 1st, 2018 (except returning attendee discount rate depositsif paid by check. Credit card payments are 95% refundable due to the 5% credit card processing fee charged to Tom's Trips. After December 1st, no payments are refundable due to the resort group policy (there is nothing we can do about it).

  • Payment plans different than the default plan are available if you register before November 2018.  You can set up any number of payments (e.g. 3, 4 or even monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly). You can elect for automatic withdrawals or a self-pay installment plan using our website.  You can set up different payment dates by agreement with Tom's Trips. 

  • Your spot is secured only after you have paid your deposit and you have received a confirmation from Tom's Trips.

  • Payments will be made to our travel agent, Tom's Trips, either when you register or shortly after you register. Tom's Trips will contact you (or you can contact them immediately) to make payment arrangements.  


  • Purchase your own airfare at any time (we recommend sooner than later to get the best rates). Airfare is not included in any packages or plans.

  • Airfare from most North American cities is currently around $400-$800 round trip.  You can book this on your own or through Tom's Trips.

Room types & nude rooms vs. regular rooms:

  • Nude rooms are adjacent to the nude beach and nude pool.  You have to be nude at the nude beach and nude pool, or you will be asked to leave (although you can walk to and from your room clothed).

  • "Regular" rooms are on the "Prude" side, which is clothing optional.  At Hedo, "prude" is simply a non-derogatory term for "clothing optional."

  • Most rooms are the "classic" rooms which are older, but still nice and should all be renovated or improved by May of 2019.   More expensive "premium" rooms are also available, which are rooms that have been recently renovated.  

  • The rooms right on the beach (Ocean view) are a little more expensive than the Garden View rooms, which are just behind those rooms and really not much farther from the beach. 

  • You can also get a suite or beachfront rooms with personal hot tubs on the beachside patio (Nude Beach Jacuzzi).

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellations made prior to December 1st, 2018 are eligible for a full refund for any amount paid via check. Credit card payments are 95% refundable (5% is credit card processing fees paid by Tom's Trips)..  Note that the $100 deposits paid in connection with the returning attendee pre-registration discount is not refundable. 

  • After December 1st, 2018, all deposits and payments are non-refundable.  We recommend that you consider optional trip cancellation insurance, which can be purchased through Tom's Trips when you confirm your reservation.

Airport / Resort transportation:

  • Roundtrip transfers are $50.00 per person and are available through Tom's Trip's when booking.  You need this to get to the resort from the airport and back!


  • Passports are required.  Please do not wait to get or renew a passport as it can sometimes take months.  Make sure your passport is not going to expire in 2019, even after the trip - if so, renew now! 

  • NOTE: Make sure your booking info on your airline reservation matches your passport exactly.  TSA (Transportation Security Administration) can deny boarding if they do not match exactly. 

Travel health insurance (highly recommended):

  • While the resort has a nurse available or can refer you to a local doctor for routine health issues, your medical insurance will likely not cover medical expenses in Jamaica.  A serious matter involving medical evacuation or long-term injury could be extremely costly.

  • Plans are available through Tom's Trips or private companies like United Healthcare.

  • RopeLab and Tom's Trips are not responsible for your travel insurance, medical needs or injuries while traveling. 

*Not included with all-inclusive BeachBind rates:

  • Airfare;

  • Anything not included by the hotel, such as spa services or SCUBA certification (SCUBA diving is included if you are already certified);

  • Off-Resort Activities: The above sample budget does not include optional activities like off-resort excursions or day trips. Excursions, such as the Mayfield Falls eco hike, are not included;

  • Airport - Resort transportation (round trip is $50 through Tom's Trips);

  • Trip cancellation insurance and travel health insurance;

  • Airline baggage fees.

Tipping:  The resort has a no-tipping policy, but you will want to tip non-resort staff such as your bus/taxi drivers and staff assisting with excursions.  The guides and bus drivers for the waterfall hike will expect tips and rely on them. 

Cell phones:  Cell phones work in Jamaica, but check with your provider to get an international plan and make sure you understand how it works.  AT&T, for example, has an international plan that you must purchase or you will be charged an exorbitant amount. 

Internet: The hotel has free wi-fi (up to three devices) in your room and most areas around the resort. There is an extra fee to access a faster speed.  Wi-fi may not be as good as you are used to. 

Electrical current: If it works in the US, it should work in Jamaica.  The resort has the US standard 110 volts for its outlets, so in general, your electric razor, phone chargers, and other electrical devices will operate in the standard electrical current in Jamaica if they work in the US. If not, you will need a converter. 


See our extensive FAQ page for more details and lots of useful info. 

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