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But How Can BeachBind Sell Out Before Registrations Are Open?


Yes, I know, it is crazy. And true. Week 1 for 2020 hit its 100 max before we opened registrations to the public, so we were only to allow 10 more people to register for week 1 once we opened registrations. This is a slight oversell to account for some expected cancellations over the course of the year. Week 2 had about 50 spots left, 1/2 of its 100 available spots when we first opened the public in late May. 


But how? And why? First, we need to keep the event size small. We don't want to be the big weekend con where people are fighting to get spots in workshops or hard points at night. And more importantly, the event is still small enough to allow everyone to meet and connect with just about everyone else there.


Second, BeachBind is loyal to those who attend every year. And more importantly, we work with the resort to lock-in a lower rate for those returning who register and pay a deposit within 30 days of the previous year's event. The resort typically raises rates a little bit each year, but for anyone who commits a year in advance, the rates stay about the same as the standard rates for the previous year.


BeachBind tends to get a very high return rate each year. We will probably be upwards of around 90% for Week 1 this year. And BeachBind wants to limit the total people to make sure the event stays small enough to ensure a positive overall experience for everyone. And that is why we launched Week 2 in 2019 - instead of growing the event by adding people, we grew the event by adding more time.


Pre-registrations for BeachBind for returning attendees open on the last day of the previous year's event, so those who want to commit early can lock in their rates. On top of those returning, we also have to make sure we have spots for all of our staff and presenters, and they take up a lot of spots - over 30 to 35 presenters and staff each year, about 1/3 of all spots!


We really want to be fair to everyone. This is a tough situation as we really want to make sure everyone who wants to come gets a chance to go, but we also want to be fair to those who keep coming back every year. We hope that we will have enough spots for everyone to come to either week 1 or week 2 this year. When we do get low on spots or run out of a specific requested room type during pre-registration, the priorities will go first to our presenters and staff, then to those that are returning with priority for those that have been attending the longest. After public registration opens (tonight at 8pm EST), presenters and staff still get priority, but otherwise registrations will be taken in the order received, subject to the payment of a deposit within 30 days.


I know this all sounds crazy, but we promise to do the best we can to make sure everyone who wants to come has a fair chance. If you want to come and your week is sold out, please do register for the waiting list as we do get cancellations over the course of the year. Last year we were able to fill every waiting list spot for those who still wanted to go for week 1, if not week 2. So please don't hesitate to claim your place on the waiting list!


Let us know if you have any questions!

DireWo1f, wiwolverine, and l3gato

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