BeachBind News & Updates
April 27, 2016:   New Website Launch!
April 27, 2016:   Headliners Announced!
April 27, 2016:   New Website Launch!
New Website and registration form launched and early discount registration opens on 5/1/16
April 27, 2016:   New for BB 2018!
We received some great ideas from our attendees last year (and came up with a few ourselves), and we are making a few improvements! We will update you with all changes as they occur, but here are a few we are working on:
  • Hard point workshops in the gym! No more disco! No tying in foam party aftermath!  We will have the air-conditioned gym from 11am-4pm and at night for workshops, play & lab time, complete with ample hard points (about 15-20)!  The gym is the PERFECT place for workshops and play with ideal flooring and a small stage with mirrors!
  • Awesome new group excursions! (replacing the excursion to Rick's)
  • Office Hours:  Presenters will be available for scheduled "office hours" during UPL (unconference, play & lab time) slots for additional assistance/review.
  • Indoor Play!  (for those of you who don't want to mix sand into your nighttime play). The gym will be open every night in addition to the beach tent so you can choose indoor or outdoor play.  
  • More photoshoots & photo workshops: We will have more late afternoon/early evening photoshoots and a dedicated photography workshop or two!
  • Schedule 2.0:  The schedule will be improved to add a little more time between workshops, and it will be syncronized with the resort's lunch schedule!
  • We learned some IT skills:  A new, pretty website and streamlined registration form!
  • No Easter Bunnies (but yes to rope bunnies):  BB dates will not overlap wtih Easter, making airfare cheaper and travel easier.