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Mini-May 2021 Presenters:

knot_head  *  zero-gi  *  samjay

ArdenSolace & HaraBliss  *  _Pegasus_

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All Presenters are  committed to attending subject to Covid developments and restrictions. As always, presenters, workshops, and BeachBind events are subject to change.

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knot head

(Event Photographer & Teaching Rope and photography)

Beginning 25 years ago with a mix of flea market handcuffs, bathrobe belts and neck ties, knot_head has always loved bondage.


Although he began with Japanese-style rope, he’s since gravitated to the strict, clean, efficient, Western style of riggers like Jay Edwards, Matt Williams, Lew Rubens and Claire Adams. For him, it IS about the simple, strict, positional bondage, and "what happens once she's tied", challenging predicaments being his favorite.

In the past two years he caught the photography bug and loves showing kinksters how easy it can be to get a quality shot with their gear, in almost any setting.

His shtick is to make bondage (and photography) simple and fun for anyone willing to learn.

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Zero-Gi and Sam Jay are a dynamic duo that gets off on high flying thrills, curiosity, and risk ideation using rope as their conduit. Since joining forces in late 2018, their thrill-seeking chemistry has been electric. 

Whether it's death-defying tying feats at high altitude or tying on the streets of NYC, they have no interest in subtlety. Within the first month of tying together, they executed the first documented single toe suspension. Sam Jay, since 2011, is classically trained in Japan and with both masters and licensed instructors. Zero-Gi got a later start, with her three NYC-based years of education and experience supplemented by a dedicated practice as a self-suspender. They are most noted for their public work, but their love language of danger and vulgarity is rooted in endless hot ties at home.

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Arden is a thinking dominant, and power exchange is his saposexual kink. His affinity for structure and mastery was stoked in martial arts and music, and guides his profession in operational excellence.  His martial arts journey began at age eight with judo, and continued into jujitsu, dim mak, chin na, and his personal favorite, abir.  He’s taught self defense combatives at several black belt conferences and seminars. His alter ego has served as a conference speaker and corporate consultant on topics of leadership, cultural reconciliation, and cultural transformation.

Arden's slave-bride, Hara, is an alpha slave, a warrior submissive; a commanding force in the tech arena, passionate about women's empowerment and leadership, who finds freedom in the cage of her owner.

Both enjoy investing in individuals and teams, desiring to see people living life to the fullest. The philosophy and practice of negotiated relationship dynamics is at the heart of their voice to the kink community, with hopes to inspire others to build a culture of honor within their intimate relationships and the world around them.

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_pegasus_ (she/her) is a rope bottom, occasional switch, performer, teacher and submissive.  She's happiest when in the air: in rope, doing acroyoga, or on a plane - either as a pilot or passenger!  A classically trained dancer with 18+ years of performance experience, her passion is for rope or a scene that makes the person watching feel something.  


Outside of rope, _pegasus_ is deeply passionate about helping others find the version of D/s dynamics that work best for them.  A dominant at work and staunchly career-focused, she enjoys the dichotomy of a daily life that includes both an empowering corporate job and kneeling at the feet of her partner.  Her favorite teaching experience is when kinksters are able to discover a dynamic that uniquely suits their individual personalities and needs.

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