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Countdown To Mini-May

Mini-May links & Resources

Model Release


Flight updates & Changes


Mini-May Schedule

Mini-May Workshop Descriptions

Mini-May Presenter Info

To Do & Packing List

COVID Safety ProtocolsJamaican COVID


Travel Authorization Link

Kinky Catamaran

Book Club MoBay

US State Department Page 

Hedonism II Resort Protocols here and here.


Questions? Email

(Email will be monitored during the event)

About Mini-May:


“Mini-May” is a private, small group event that is similar to BeachBind. It is available to BeachBind May 2021 registrants or anyone holding credits from May or December 2020 and their partners and roommates. The purpose is to allow for an accommodation (e.g. for those that have issues with going later later in the year). The event is not open to the general public and will not be publicized. 


We expect that it will be a smaller group, with a rough guess of 20-25 people. The event will be a similar format to BeachBind, but scaled for the group size. Some things to note: 


  • There will likely be high Covid protocol as with December - see for what you might expect (we will reevaluate based on the situation at the time of the event, e.g. if everyone has vaccines and the resort loosens its protocols, we might too)

  • You have the option to apply credit for this event and also go to the September BeachBind event as well. If you have remaining credits, you can use them for the September BeachBind event or possibly the 2022 event (please confirm with Michelle at Tom's Trips that you are able to do this as the resort may have some restrictions)

  • The rates are the same as they were for May and as they are for September 2021 including returning discounts and $25/night discounts if already eligible. The $200 resort credit is available for those that first booked in May 2020, but no other resort credits will apply. If you are eligible for the $25/night discount because you were registered for May or December 2020 and did not go, you may apply it to both May and September 2021! See the rates here

  • Bus transfers previously paid can be used in May or September

  • Welcome bags will be given (we already have them for BeachBind so why not!?)

  • Workshops may be fluid - in other words while we will have a schedule, depending on the size of the group, the needs and wants of the attendees will be considered, and changes could happen (even at the event!)

  • We will have a tent and our two cube hard points structures on the beach with nightly play and lab time

  • There will be 2 performances 

  • There will be a Catamaran trip, but it might be as part of the regularly scheduled resort trip (i.e. not private unless we have enough people)

  • There will be a snorkel trip

  • There will be two ropelymipcs type events

  • Sunset photoshoots, evening play, opening circle, meet n greets, etc. will likely be planned as normal

  • Group hosts are DireWo1f, Curious_lil_kat, zero-gi, and samjay.

If you have any questions, please contact DireWo1f at or schedule a Zoom or telephone call meeting here.

Don't Forget!


  • Passport

  • Travel Authorization

  • COVID Test Results

  • Club Mo’Bay documents

  • Sunscreen

  • Rope, carabiners, toys

  • Needed Medications 

  • Insect repellent

  • Hats & Sunglasses

  • Mer-people tails





Check in with your airline and make sure your flight is still as scheduled
If your flight has changed or gets delayed, please let us know ASAP 


Email flight changes



Once you arrive at Mo'Bay...

Key Points:


  1. Health Screening (have test results & authorization handy)

  2. Immigration (passport, test results, and authorization needed)

  3. Get luggage

  4. Customs

  • Airport Lobby: look for Sun Holiday (Desk 5)

  • Keep your return voucher

  • If you have Club MoBay, you can wait in their lounge. 

  • Grab a drink and take it on the Bus!


Arrival at resort: 

  • Keep your passport & personal items with you.

  • The Bellhop will take your luggage and bring it to your room. 

  • Check-in with with the resort at the reception desk.

  • Mini-May Check-in is Sunday in the main lobby between 11:30am-2pm

  • Please bring your passport to check in. You will get your welcome bag and necklace. 


When you get to Jamaica, you will proceed through immigration, then get your luggage, then proceed through customs. There will also be some simple screening procedures regarding COVID upon arrival to the airport. You will need show your travel authorization and negative COVID test upon arrival. 

If you have Club MoBay
If you booked Club MoBay, your Club MoBay rep will greet you right after you get off the plane. They will be holding a sign or a tablet with your name on it. They will walk you through customs and immigration through the fast track lines. After you get thorugh and check in with bus, you will be directed to the lounge. Grab a bite and drink or three - you can take them on the bus!

If your travel plans change on the day of travel, please email us

After you exit customs you will be in the airport lobby. If you have a transfer purchased from Tom's Trip, simply find the Sun Holiday transfer desk (Desk 5 in the middle of the lobby). Give them your name and let them know you are with the Tom's Trip's/BeachBind group to Hedonism. 

The Sun Holiday agent will give you two paper transfer vouchers, one for your trip to Hedonism and one for your return trip on your day of departure. You will need to keep the Sun Holiday departure voucher and present same for transfer to the airport from the hotel on your departure day. PLEASE CHECK OVER THE DEPARTURE INFO AND MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT!!!!  

The ride will take approximately 60-90 minutes depending on traffic. Your driver may stop on the way for a bathroom break. Masks are mandatory on the transfer bus. 
When you get to the resort, a bell hop will take your luggage, which will magically appear in your room in a little while. 
Keep your passport and carry on/personal stuff with you! Then go directly to the Mini-May check in table NOT the front desk. We will fast-track your check-in and get you your room keys, name necklace. Plus you will get your really awesome goodies and meet our staff!

Please remember to keep your masks on and socially distant as much as possible.

Once you are settled in your room, go eat, drink, hit the beach, check out the schedule. You can book your catamaran trip or sign our model release if you want photos posted and more on our website. You will also receive a daily email of day-to-day things at 5:30AM every morning!


Note that we are still waiting on the resort to confirm a few things, so we may still have to move some things around. Regarding the Gym: We have several workshops in the gym, Please note that the gym is limited to ten people, so if more than ten wish to attend the workshop will take place in the tent. 



Introduce yourself, see who is going, make connections, and talk about the event!

Discord is simple! Just follow the link and create an account or login to your existing account. From there you will see channels that let you make introductions, seek connections, or chat with others or the group. There is even a Bottom's Space! This is a private group for Mini-May attendees, presenters, and staff only.  Just click the link to get started. If you want you can even download the app and Mini-May Mobile style. A HUGE thank you to Closed Eyes Seeing and Pixiegurly for making this happen!   Join the Discord!




As of now, Jamaica is requiring a negative COVID test within 3 days prior to travel, and a travel authorization form to be submitted within 7 days prior to travel. If anything changes we will update you. For more information go here:


United States CDC Rules:

The CDC is currently requiring either a negative test within 3 days prior to travel back to the US OR proof of COVID infection and recovery to travel to the United States. Rapid tests are acceptable. The resort will be providing free testing on-site for all paid guests. Should you test positive, you will not be able to travel to the US until you can test negative or recover from COVID, but the resort will provide a free room for up to 14 days until you can test negative and travel.

At this time a vaccine does not exempt US travelers from these requirements, but we are hoping that changes before our trip. Given the New York Times article on transmission after vaccines published today, this is a possibility. See the good news here: Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccines Are Very Effective, Report Says - The New York Times (

We will update you as soon as we know of any changes, but you can also check the CDC page on international travel to the United States here:

Knot Head Rope Discounts!

You already know that Knot head ( has the best nylon around, and now also has some pretty awesome Jute, as well as a host of other fun and hurty things! Knot head is offering Mini-May attendees a little break since you all just spent a small fortune on travel.

Just use the code MINIMAY and get 15% off!

If you ask really nicely, he might even bring your stuff to the event. On second thought, he has enough camera gear to shut down TSA for a bit, so you might want to order soon so you can get it shipped in time for May! The code is good through June, so if you drop your rope off the boat, you can always get more when you come home too. 

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