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Unlike any other Rope Con

BeachBind V 2020 has been rescheduled 

for December 2020. 


Summary of Key Points for Registered Attendees:

  1. The new dates are December 10-19th, 2020 (Thursday to Saturday). 

  2. You will be automatically rebooked at no charge starting on 12/10 for the same number of days you have booked, and sent a confirmation (see below for details).

  3. Once you get your confirmation, you can either:

  4. Rebooking Options:

  5. You will receive 100% - full credit for BeachBind 2020 in December. 

  6. You will receive a $200 resort credit per room.

  7. Almost all presenters have confirmed and will attend in December (contingent on future travel issues of course).

While it breaks our hearts to have to do this, we have done our homework, and we feel that rescheduling is the best option and in the best interest of the vast majority of our attendees. We made our decision to reschedule the event after surveying our attendees and presenters, consulting with our travel agent and the resort, considering the resort’s strict no refund policy, reviewing government mandates, advisories, restrictions, and other publicly available information, and consulting with safety and security experts. 


We want to humbly thank all of you. You have been so patient.  Thank you for allowing us the time to work through this. And almost all of you responded to our surveys! That was incredibly helpful! 


We are working hard to confirm all of the details and make BeachBind V 2020 as great as we had planned for this May. Please keep in mind that planning this event usually takes about 15 months, and we are now trying to do most of it in a week! Things are moving very quickly, of course, and therefore, things can still change, including the presenters. We promise to keep you informed if and when things change.




As of now, the following presenters and photographers are planning to attend for some or all of the December event:

Subay & Arashi,, Tifereth, -EM- & Isean, knot_head & Miss Curiosity, JD-66,   Laughing Dragon, Niho Mano & Nkay A'mano, MnR, Thalia, and iambic9

IPCookieMonster is tentative and will make a decision in the future.  Mynx & darkEcho have been rescheduled for BeachBind 2021. Cabochon and Feinix will not be able to attend in 2020.

Rescheduling is complicated. We are trying to make it as easy as possible:

We know that you already have a lot of questions. We have worked hard, and will continue to work hard, to make this as easy as possible for you!  To that end, we have worked with Tom’s Trips to create a system that will automatically rebook you for December, as more fully explained below.  Please also see a detailed FAQ below.


In the event you cannot attend in December, no problem. You will be able to use the resort’s cancellation waiver credit as previously described - but which we have been able to increase by 20% -  as a per night credit for BeachBind 2021. To opt-out of December, change your dates, room category, or discuss other booking issues, simply use the rebooking form.


Otherwise, Tom’s Trips will send you a confirmation in the next week or so. You will then have a chance to review your rebooking and approve it or request additional changes. PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR NEW RESERVATION IN 7 DAYS OF RECEIPT.



  1. AUTOMATIC REBOOKING: You will be automatically rebooked for BeachBind 2020 in December with full credit value as explained below unless you fill out the rebooking form indicating otherwise. You will get a rebooking confirmation from Tom's trips in the next week or so. You will need to click a link to confirm and approve. Confirmations, changes and cancellations must be received within seven days after you receive your confirmation. After that, we may not be able to make changes or there may not be rooms available. 

  2. $200 RESORT CREDIT: You will automatically receive a $200 resort credit per room with your rebooking. The $200 resort credit can be used for purchases made on-site at the resort during your stay such as massage and spa services, gift shop, wine bar, etc. It cannot, however, be used to set off any hotel room or event registration costs.

  3. REBOOKING MODIFICATION OPTIONS: If you do not wish to be rebooked, or you wish to modify your booking dates, room types, or other things, simply fill out the rebooking form now and Tom's Trips will work with you to modify or cancel your rebooking.

  4. OPTION TO APPLY CREDITS FOR BEACHBIND 2021: If you cannot attend BeachBind 2020 in December, or you cannot use all of your room credits to attend in BeachBind 2020 (i.e. you have rebooked for fewer nights than your original registration), you will have the option to apply a per night credit provided by the resort’s cancellation waiver to attend BeachBind 2021. The per night credit amount depends on whether you were a returning attendee or paid the standard rate. The amount will be a partial credit as listed here. NOTE: The credit amounts are 20% higher than the resort cancellation waiver previously announced.

  5. AUTOMATIC REBOOKING PROTOCOL:  In general, Tom's Trips will use its best efforts to rebook you per the following protocol unless you send changes via the rebooking form:

    1. FULL CREDIT: 100% of what you paid per night will be applied per night to your rebooking for BeachBind 2020 in December.

    2. SAME NUMBER OF NIGHTS:  If your current booking is for 9 days or less, you will be booked for the same number of nights as your current booking, starting with day 1 of the event, December 10th, 2020. If you wish to stay for all 9 nights or change the number of nights or your travel dates, simply use the rebooking form.

    3. LONGER BOOKINGS:  If your current booking is for more than 9 nights, you will be rebooked for 9 nights from 12/10/2020 to 12/19/2020, but you may have options for booking a longer trip, subject to room availability. Your options may include coming early and/or, staying late, or using the resort’s cancellation waiver partial credit for BeachBind 2021. If you know now that you wish to rebook for more than 9 nights, Please fill out the rebooking form now and Tom’s Trips will try to schedule you for your preferred dates when you are automatically rebooked.


      • Rooms are subject to availability: Tom's Trips will use its best efforts to rebook you in the same room category as your original registration; however, that may not be possible as rebookings are subject to room availability at the resort.

      • Room category changes:

        • In the event that your room type is not available, you will be wait-listed for your room type and placed in a different room category that is closest to your original category.

        • If available, Tom's Trip's will first attempt to provide you with a room that does not increase your costs; however, if no lower cost room is available, or upon your request, you may be placed in a higher category room if available. If you wish to upgrade your room,  simply use the rebooking form

      • Booking priorities: Rebookings will be made in the same order as the original registrations were received. Thus, your priority will be based on your original registration date. That means if you registered early bird, you will have the best chance of getting the same room that you currently have. 



  1. Flights:  December flights are cheap right now!

    • You should rebook your flights as soon as you have approved your rebooking confirmation. Most or all airlines are allowing a one-time itinerary change for tickets purchased prior to March at no charge. Some are allowing for cancellations. See an updated list here, but check directly with your airline for their specific terms and options.

    • Because December airfares are very low right now, we highly recommend confirming flights now. December travel costs are typically high, and will likely go up soon.

  2. Airport Transfers: If you purchased round-trip bus transportation to and from the resort through Tom's Trip's, that will also be automatically transferred to your new dates. If you did not purchase the transfers, but want to add it, message Tom's Trips at If you purchased through another company, be sure to contact them ASAP to change your reservation.


No problem, we have answers! But first, please check out the FAQ’s below!


If you still need help, please contact Tom’s Trips at for questions about rebooking or for event related questions.  





  1. Why December? Can’t we do it sooner? Unfortunately, given the state of the world due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, and other groups also rebooking, we are limited on room availability that can accommodate a group as large as ours. The resort simply does not have anything that works for us sooner. And while we would love to say with confidence that this pandemic will be over by June and provide you with earlier dates, it would be irresponsible to make such a promise. Instead, we feel it is best for the safety of everyone to plan for an event later in the year, when there is a better chance that travel restrictions everywhere have been lifted, and there is more knowledge on how to protect people from this disease.

  2. Why is it only 9 days now? Due to the sudden date change (please remember that planning for our events normally happens more than a year in advance), room availability at Hedo does not allow for the event to be as long as originally planned. However, as an individual/couple, you may be able to arrive early or stay late if you wish, pending availability. Please fill out the rebooking form and Tom’s Trips can help you with your options. 

  3. Why Thursday to Saturday?  Normally we would run the event from Saturday to Saturday, but the resort had rooms available during these dates, so this is how it worked out for us as we did not have other viable options. The resort does have some limited rooms available before and after the event and can be booked on a first-come basis. 

  4. Do I need to fill out the rebooking form now? You only need to fill out the rebooking form to opt-out of the December dates, to change your dates or room category, or to discuss other booking issues. If you are happy with your automatic rebooking and have no other issues, no action is required, other than simply approving your confirmation when you get it. You should receive a rebooking confirmation from Tom’s Trips in the next week or so, and the approval deadline is seven days from receipt.

  5. What if I can only go for 4 or 5 days? Hedonism requires a minimum of a 5 night stay at the resort for group trips. If you would like to come for a shorter duration than originally planned, please use the rebooking form to let Tom’s Trip’s know the dates that you would need to be booked. Any unused credits will qualify for the resort’s cancellation waiver that you can use as a partial credit for BeachBind 2021.

  6. What if my original booking was for more than 9 days? I see the event is now only 9 days instead of 12. You will automatically be rebooked for the full  9 days of the event as scheduled, but you can also request to come early or stay late. If you would like to be booked for longer, please fill out the rebooking form and indicate the dates you would prefer to stay. The ability to rebook for longer is based on resort availability, so please reach out ASAP to ensure the best chance of getting the same room type and the dates you prefer.

  7. Can I use some of my credits for December and some for BeachBind 2021?  Yes! Full credit will be applied to any days you rebook during the December event or in the days before or after should you want to come early or stay after. For BeachBind 2021, the resort’s cancellation waiver partial credit will be applied based on the number of nights remaining from your initial booking. Once you register for BeachBind 2021, Tom’s Trips will contact you with your updated invoice, minus the resort cancellation waiver partial credit that was applied. Please fill out the rebooking form  to indicate the dates for which you would like to be rebooked in December, and also that you would like the remainder of your credit used towards BeachBind 2021. 

  8. Will I still get the $200 resort credit if I don’t go in December? YES! The $200 resort credit can  be used during BeachBind 2020 in December or for the next BeachBind event in 2021. Each room will get one $200 credit.

  9. What if I can’t go in December and also cannot attend BB 2021? The two main options we have are to attend the 2020 event or use the resorts cancellation waiver for BB 2021; however if you are unable to take advantage of either of those options, please contact Tom’s Trips and they can help you find dates that better suit your availability to use the cancellation waiver credits.

  10. Will my transfers….transfer? Yes! If you already purchased your round-trip airport to hotel transfers through Tom’s Trips, those will move to your new dates automatically. No additional work required! If you purchased them on your own through another company, you will need to contact them directly to reschedule. 

  11. What if I booked Club MoBay? Please reach out to Club Mobay to try to change your dates ASAP, as they only offer limited numbers of spots each day. They can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 954-837-6290 USA/Canada or 876-619-1565 Jamaica.

  12. What if I used the 12-night $700 resort credit? If you took advantage of the resort's $700 credit for a 12 day stay, the resort will deduct that amount from your total credit unless you rebook for at least 12 nights. Those extra nights can be added before or after the event itself subject to availability. Please fill out the rebooking form to indicate how you would like those additional dates to be scheduled.

  13. What if I used a resort certificate or credit (such as a contest winner certificate)? If you took advantage of a resort certificate, those credits should apply to your rebooking, but check your confirmation to make sure they were applied.

  14. What if my roommate situation has changed? Please fill out the rebooking form. If you are adding a person that was not previously registered to your room, they will also need to fill out the roommate add form

  15. What if I want to change my travel dates or the number of nights I am staying? Please fill out the rebooking form! Tom’s Trips will provide you with a new confirmation with your new dates if they are available or contact you to discuss options.

  16. Can I change my room category? Yes, depending on availability at the resort. Please fill out the  rebooking form with the room type(s) that you would prefer and Tom’s Trips will attempt to book that room or contact you to let you know what is available. Please be aware that while you might be able to change to a lower valued room type, the resort will not provide any refunds for downgrading, so this is not advised.

  17. Will this event sell out? Will there be enough rooms for everyone that registered? Based on the response received from our attendee survey, it is possible the event could sell out. If you are currently registered for BeachBind 2020, you will be automatically rebooked for the new dates unless you otherwise indicate on the rebooking form. However, to keep that rebooked registration you must confirm within seven days of receipt or you may lose the reservation. Rebooking occurs based on the original booking order and those that booked early are more likely to receive the original room type they booked. It is also possible (although unlikely) that there will not be enough rooms to rebook everyone. If that happens those that were not rebooked will be wait-listed and contacted to discuss their options. However, the resort informed us that there should be enough rooms for everyone that is currently registered.

  18. Will the event registration open up to those that were not previously registered? As always, if you have a room, you will be able to add a person to your room that has not previously registered even if the event is sold out. Likewise, if there is availability remaining after all our current attendees, staff, and presenters have rebooked, then we will open up registration for the new December dates. Please be aware that this will take some time as we want to ensure that we first take care of all our current attendees, staff, and presenters.

  19. What if I want to bring my friend that is not currently registered? If you were previously in a single room, or a double where both individuals approve of adding a 3rd person, you can use the roommate add form to add a roommate to your room after you receive your rebooking confirmation. If your friend is looking for a room of their own, we are unable to open up registration to new attendees until after we have addressed rebooking all current attendees first. Please continue to check your email for updates, as we will make an announcement if registration opens up again.

  20. What happens if I don’t confirm my rebooking by the deadline?  If you do not approve your new confirmation within seven days of receiptYour rebooking will be cancelled and you will receive the resort’s cancellation waiver credit, which is the partial credit that can be used for BeachBind 2021. If that happens, you can still change your mind and rebook to attend the December event as long as there are available spots and the hotel is not sold out; however, you will lose your rebooking priority, and thus you may not be able to get the room category that you had, meaning you may need to pay for a higher-priced room.

  21. My roommate wants to attend the December event but I cannot go during those dates and would prefer to go to BeachBind 2021. What can I do? Please fill out the rebooking form and explain the situation. Tom’s Trips will try to help you book your separate dates; however this is subject to the resort’s cooperation and approval - and we cannot promise they will be able to accommodate these type of requests. In addition, unless each of you add roommates for your separate trips, you will need to book a single room at a 20% higher cost.

  22. When is BeachBind 2021 going to happen? Will it be in May? BeachBind 2021 has not yet been confirmed, but we are tentatively scheduling it for May. We hope to have it confirmed in the next month or two.


If you still need help, please fill out the rebooking form or contact Tom’s Trips at for questions about rebooking or for event related questions. 


General information:  All rebookings and requested changes to the automatic rebooking are subject to availability at the resort, and you are not guaranteed to get a spot. BeachBind 2020 is now in December 2020, but subject to travel and safety circumstances such as those currently caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and other such matters outside of our control. The event as announced, including presenters, dates, activities, and all other aspects are being planned as announced, but are subject to change. The rebooking credit and resort cancellation waiver credits only provide a room credit and do not cover flights, lost baggage, trip interruption, or any optional activities such as excursions, spa/salon services, or any other items or extras. Any credit not used for BeachBind 2020 only covers a credit against the cost of the BeachBind registration fees for the 2021 event and will not fully cover the per night rates. Note further, that if you took advantage of the resort's $700 credit for a 12 day stay, or used any other type of credit or certificate (e.g. from a contest) the resort will deduct that amount from your total credit unless you rebook for at least 12 nights. The $200 resort credit and the  resort’s cancellation waiver credit that allows the rebooking to BeachBind 2020 or 2021 are both  being provided by Hedonism II, are not affiliated with BeachBind, RopeLab, LLC or Tom's Trip's, and are not an insurance benefit. Any application or interpretation of the resort’s cancellation waiver or $200  resort credit, including the resort’s refusal to provide credit or benefits, including the $200 resort credit, is at the resort’s discretion and neither BeachBind, RopeLab, LLC, nor Tom’s Trip’s can control the same or are responsible for the resort’s actions or inaction. BeachBind, Tom’s Trips, and RopeLab, LLC are not liable for any failure of the resort to provide any credits or benefits regarding the cancellation waiver or $200 resort credits, or for the resort’s failure to refund any payments made for BeachBind rooms or registrations. The event is subject to change at any time.  By confirming your rebooking options, you affirm that you are not a registered sex offender and your agreement to the BeachBind rules, waiver and terms as updated from time to time here.

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