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March 7, 2021 update:

Dave and Clover are still hopeful that they might be able to attend BeachBind in May 2022.  While we would love to have them in September 2021, they will not yet be able to travel. As stated in 2019, if they are able to travel, even at the last minute, we are committed to bringing them even if they are not able to teach or perform. Please check back here for updates, which will be posted as we get them!



December 11, 2019



Dear BeachBind 2020 Attendees:


You have probably already seen the various posts by Wykd Dave and clover. We were thrilled to see Dave and clover get engaged over the weekend! BeachBind wedding in 2021? You never know…


You may have also seen Dave’s post today regarding his battle with a brain tumor ( We consider Dave and clover to be family, both personally and to the entire BeachBind group. We are deeply saddened and our feelings are difficult to put into words. 


Wykd_Dave and clover are an institution in our global rope community, loved, admired and respected by so many of us. Dave’s treatment over the next year will restrict upcoming travel, and it is likely that Dave and clover will not be able to attend BeachBind this December 2020, but we are hopeful they can attend in May 2021. 


We have talked at length with Dave and clover and let them know that if it turns out that they can travel, BeachBind will always guarantee space for them in any capacity—even if they are unable to teach or perform. 


In the meantime, we are already in the process of creating a first-class workshop schedule, and we will keep you updated with any changes or additions.  


Please respect Dave’s request for privacy as they continue through this difficult journey. We are wishing Dave & clover our best and sending all the love we have. 


Warm Regards, 

The BeachBind Staff

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