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Updated 3/6/2021

COVID Safety and Protocol at BeachBind


These are the protocols as they exist today, if we had the event today.


The protocols may be adjusted or eliminated depending on the then-existing circumstances and COVID risks relevant to our group.

Jamaican law and resort rules are subject to change


BeachBind developed its protocols in consultation with a licensed physician who works with COVID-19 patients every day. This is not intended to be personal medical advice. The protocols were first implemented at our December 2020 event, and were successful as nobody was infected with Coronavirus as a result of their attendance at BeachBind. While these protocols are designed and intended to lower your risk of contracting COVID-19, the risks are still present and following these protocols will not eliminate such risks.

Each attendee must make their own decisions based on their personal risk profiles as to what is best for them. If you are not sure whether this event is safe for you, please consult your personal doctor for further advice.

These protocols are subject to revision at any time.


Summary of Key Protocols:

  • Testing is required prior to travel

  • Masks must be worn everywhere at the resort, expert in the pools/beach or while eating and drinking.

  • Social distancing is required  for non-germ-bonded people.

  • Everything is outside - All events will take place outside.

  • The schedule will always be subject to change, even during the event, and workshops could be canceled or changed due to presenter availability or last-minute travel challenges. The outdoor tent, hardpoints, and play space will likely not be affected, however.

  • Free masks and sanitizer will be available. The resort will adhere to strict cleaning and sanitation protocols, and new standards and protocols for their food service (including the fact that all dining and restaurants are outside or offer outdoor seating).

  • The resort and BeachBind will do regular temperature checks of guests.

  • The resort has a block of rooms designated for isolation for those that have symptoms of COVID-19. rapid tests are available on-site, and the resort is currently providing free tests within three days prior to travel back to the USA.

  • The resort has an enhanced 24-hour medical staff. Anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be moved to the isolated room block or to a nearby health facility. If a paying guest test positive for Covid prior to travel home, the resort is currently supplying free rooms for up to two weeks.

  • Attendees will sign an accountability pledge.


Jamaican Government Protocol:

  • The Resilient Corridors:  Jamaica has established protected resort corridors with enhanced safety protocol. Resilient Corridors were created to encourage safe tourism practices through the strict delivery of service that conform to a rigorous set of COVID-19 protocols and approved by the The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).


  • Within the resilient corridor, the tourism service delivery operators permitted to accept guests have been inspected and are compliant with the required standards of training, protective equipment and processes. All employees and patrons of these facilities are required to observe the established protocols of hand hygiene, social/physical distancing and wearing of masks in public spaces. More info is here.

  • Jamaica's Protocol: Jamaica has established safety protocols such as mask wearing and social distancing, and is not allowing certain events and services that could increase the risk of spread.

  • Travel Authorization and Testing: Within five days of travel, everyone is currently required to fill out a travel authorization form, located here.

    • All travelers are required to obtain and present a negative COVID-19 PCR or Antigen test result to check in for a flight.

    • Tests must be done by a medical laboratory that has a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) registration or ISO 15189 certification.

    • The date of the sample collection must be less than 72 hours from the travel date to Jamaica. Use the Test Date Calculator on the website located here..

    • Samples collected using home test kits (ex. Pixel by LabCorp), along with antibody tests will not be accepted.

    • See the full COVID-19 test requirements here.


Resort Protocol:

  • See the resort's protocols here and here.

  • Summary of resort protocols:

    • MasksPer the resort rules, must be worn indoors and in the dining room and lobby, even when tying (but not when eating or drinking). Masks must be worn outdoors EXCEPT on the beach or while in a pool. Masks are encouraged at our beach tent, even when tying. 

    • Social Distancing: Mandated social distancing in common areas throughout the property (i.e. lobby, restaurants, bars, and pools).

    • Temperature Checks: Temperature checks via infrared sensors upon arrival and randomly throughout the trip.

    • Food Safety: The resort is doing table service only. Buffets will not be self-service.

    • Constant Sanitation:  Continuous disinfection of in room surfaces and air conditioners, high contact areas, and  luggage at the time of arrival. Enhanced sanitation and cleaning protocols meet new industry standards including Jamaica’s Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCO) and Cristal International Standards.

    • Free PPE (e.g. masks, hand sanitizer) for each guest. (Your BeachBind welcome bag may have a few surprises too!)

    • Hand Sanitizer: Anti-bacterial gel available to guests and there are stations in all areas throughout the resort.

    • Enhanced Medical Staff: Upgrade the on-property, 24 hour medical team to include specially trained nurses in the detection and care of any potential COVID-19 cases.

    • Resort Staff Protocol and training:

      • Continuous training about preventative measures and disinfection processes for rooms and common areas.

      • The use of face masks and personal protection equipment is mandatory for staff

      • Mandatory use of correct handwashing techniques.

      • Regular staff temperature checks.

    • Guest COVID Protocol: If a guest's temperature check is higher than normal or shows symptoms of COVID-19, the guest will be quarantined in a guest room specifically designated for isolation for evaluation. Local health authorities will be called. If confirmed with COVID-19, the guest will be moved off-property to a nearby health care facility for quarantine and treatment. BeachBind encourages you to consider private travel health insurance and to consider whether it covers COVID-19 issues. Your normal health insurance likely will not cover you during this trip. 


BeachBind Protocol:

  • Enforcement: BeachBind will use its best efforts to enforce its protocols, and BeachBind, the resort and/or Jamaican authorities will do contact tracing if anyone reports symptoms. We expect all attendees to honor safety protocols on their own in accordance with their pledge (see below). BeachBind will adhere to Jamaica's and the Resort's protocols and rules as they exist at the time of the event, even if they are different than they are now.

  • Testing: Pre-travel testing through a CLIA approved lab (not a rapid test) will be required before participating in BeachBind events for everyone, even if not required by the Jamaican Government for the individual’s country or if Jamaica rolls back testing. Please be sure to have evidence of your negative test within five days prior to travel upon check in

  • Masks Masks are required everyone except in the pool or beach, or while eating.  Masks are strongly encouraged and highly recommended when attending outdoor group events, including at the beach tent and play space, and including while tying. Tying partners, may, however, choose not to wear masks while tying in the outdoor space.

  • Social Distancing:  6 feet will be mandated at group events and in the dining areas for non-germ bound people (e.g. your partner(s), roommates etc. will be deemed germ-bound). Social distancing is not required for germ bonded attendees, however.  Attendees will choose their germ-bound partners; e.g. this will be on the honor system and BeachBind will not enforce the same. Each attendee will have the right to use their best judgment to decide who they would like to tie or play with; however, until all affected (germ-bonded) parties agree, social distancing must be maintained. In any event, masks and social distancing will be required wherever the resort or BeachBind otherwise requires the same.

  • Sanitation: Hand sanitizer and cleaning at play space will be enhanced and required, e.g. attendees should wipe down bamboo, equipment, and straps after use.

  • Temperature Checks: BeachBind and the resort will take regular and random temperature checks of attendees using a contactless, instant thermometer. Expect temperature checks to occur before workshops, especially indoor workshops, for example. Anything under 99.0 will be deemed "safe".  Anything between 99.0 to 99.4 will require a recheck after the individual has been sitting with low activity, ideally in an air conditioned space for about 15-20 mins. Anything over 99.5 will require temporary isolation at the resort for evaluation and further resort protocol (see above).

  • Flexible Schedule and Changes: BeachBind may change the workshops, schedule, and events at any time, even during the event. For example, if a presenter shows COVID symptoms, the class will be cancelled. If there is a COVID outbreak within our group or at the resort, workshops and other BeachBind activities may be curtailed or canceled. The tent with outdoor hardpoints and play space will likely not be affected, however, subject to social distancing protocol.

  • Accountability Pledge:  Attendees will be required to sign the standard release with an additional accountability pledge including statements that:

    • They agree to act reasonably and safely to the best of their ability to not place others at risk and to follow the resort and events rules and protocols;

    • They were tested negative prior to arrival;

    • To their knowledge they were not exposed to COVID in the last 14 days;

    • They currently have no COVID symptoms, and have no reason to believe they may have COVID;

    • They agree to isolate and report if they are exposed or have symptoms;

    • They agree to cooperate with all Jamaican regulations and resort rules and protocols, including the requests and direction of the resort and event management regarding quarantine and isolation, contact tracing, etc.

    • They agree that they are taking a risk, understand the risks regarding COVID, will take personal responsibility for assuming such risks and any resulting outcome, and will not hold BeachBind, the resort, Tom's Trips, or another attendee accountable or liable should they contract or become affected by COVID.

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