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BeachBind Rates

(All inclusive rates per person with two or more per room)
Ocean View nude, premium rooms (recently remodeled room), suites, and singles rooms are also available.
Call Dream Pleasures Tours for pricing: or TOLL FREE: 800-349-3025 Ext 105

Think BeachBind is expensive?  Compare BeachBind costs to a major rope conference: 

Example of a Major Rope Conference Budget:

-Con registration                          $300

-4 days of hotel                             $700

-Airfare                                          $500

-Food for 4 days,

    transportation, misc. etc.        $250

                                           Total:  $1,750

See more Apples to Apples here

You must book for a least 5 nights between 4/1/17 and 4/8/17.  You can get the group rate for up to 3 nights before and after these dates as well.  These rates are all-inclusive: all food, drinks including all alcohol, all BeachBind events and workshops, and all entertainment and activities offered by the resort.*  The rates are per person, based on double occupancy, meaning that each person must pay the per-night fee, and that you must have at least 2 people per room at these rates. Singles in their own room have an increased rate. 


Default Payment Schedule:

  • Payments will be made to the travel agent shortly after you register. The Travel agent will contact you (or you can contact the travel agent immediately) to make payment arrangements.  Depending on when you register, a payment plan may be possible (e.g. if you register in January 2017 or before. You can set up automatic withdrawals. Request a payment plan when you confirm your reservation with Dream Pleasure Tours. 

  • Purchase your own airfare at any time (we recommend sooner than later to get the best rates)

Budget Examples

(per person room + airfare + airport transfer)

Budget Examples are per person based on a Garden View Regular room at the early booking rate and include round trip airfare (as of April 2016) and round trip airport transportation from the airport to the resort ($60 per person):

Nude Rooms vs. Regular Rooms:

  • Nude rooms are adjacent to the nude beach and nude pool, where you must be nude or you will be asked to leave.

  • "Regular" rooms are on the "Prude" side, which is clothing optional.  At Hedo, "prude" is simply a non-derogatory term for "clothing optional."


Group rates are applicable only for the actual dates of the group and the three-night window on either side of the group contracted dates (e.g. you can book up to 13 total nights at our rates). 


Credit Card Payments to Dream Pleasure tours are subject to a 3% processing fee. Payments can be mailed by check to avoid the processing fees. 



  • Cancellations made prior to Dec. 20th, 2016 are subject to a $50.00 per person fee.

  • After Dec. 20th, 2016 all deposits and payments are non-refundable.  We recommend that you consider optional trip cancellation insurance, which can be purchased through Dream Pleasure Tours when you confirm your reservation.


Airport / Resort Transfers are $60.00 Per Person Round Trip, available through Dream Pleasure Tours when booking.


Airfare is not included in any packages or plans.  Airfare from most North American cities is currently around $500-$700 round trip.  You can book this on your own or through Dream Pleasure tours.



  • Passports are required. Please do not wait to get or renew a passport as it can sometimes take months, and there is a current backlog.  NOTE: Make sure your booking info on your airline reservation matches your passport exactly. TSA (Transportation Security Administration) can deny boarding if they do not match exactly. 


Travel Health Insurance (highly recommended):

  • While the resort  has a nurse available or can refer you to a local doctor for routine health issues, your medical insurance likely will not cover medical expenses in Jamaica.  A serious matter involving medical evacuation or long-term injury could be extremely costly.

  • There are inexpensive options to make sure you are covered, often under $20-30.  Many of these plans include a "sports rider" or similar coverage that will include coverage for sports injuries (like SCUBA diving, snorkeling, etc.).  While these plans may or may not cover a rope related injury, we recommend that you purchase a travel insurance plan with sports rider coverage. 

  • Plans are available through Dream Pleasure Tours (1-800-349-3025 or or private companies like Medex.  

  • RopeLab and Dream Pleasure Tours are not responsible for your travel insurance, medical needs or injuries while traveling. 


*Not Included with all inclusive rates:

  • Airfare

  • Spa service: There is a first-class spa at the resort, but spa services are not included.  You will need to pay separately for spa services 

  • Off-Resort Activities:  The above sample budget does not include optional activities like off-resort excursions or day trips. Excursions (the catamaran trip and Mayfield Falls echo tour) are $65 each per person

  • Airport transportation (round trip is $60 through Dream Pleasure Tours)

  • SCUBA certification and other activities not normally included with booking at Hedonism

  • Trip cancellation insurance or travel health insurance

  • Airline baggage fees


Tipping:  The resort has a no-tipping policy, but you will want to tip non resort staff assisting on the waterfall hike and the catamaran. 


Cell Phones:  Cell phones work in Jamaica, but check with your provider to get an international plan for Jamaica and be sure you understand how it works.  You will likely need to purchase an international data plan from your provider or you could face large roaming fees. 


Internet:  The hotel has free wi-fi in the courtyard near the main dining room; however if you want access in your room room or elsewhere, it is an extra fee to be charged to you room.


Electrical Current:  The resort has the US standard 110 volts for its outlets, so in general, your electric razor, phone chargers and other electrical devices will operate in the standard electrical current in Jamaica if they work in the US. If not, you will need a converter. 



See our FAQ page for more details.


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