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BB 2017 Schedule

Schedule is coming soon!  
There will be five mostly full days of rope and related workshops Monday-Friday, as well as a workshop or two on Sat-Sun 4/1-4/2, plus "UPL" (Unconference, Play & Lab time) throughout the week, including Saturday and Sunday (4/1-2) and Saturday 4/8 and every night under our beach tent and in the indoor gym.
There will also be:
  • Nightly presenter kinbaku performances;
  • Meet n' greets/kinky speed dating;
  • Roundtable discussions;
  • Presenter office hours;
  • Morning yoga sessions;
  • A private catamaran trip;
  • A group eco tour hike to Mayfield falls; 
  • A group snorkel/mermaid photo shoot;
  • Sunset photo shoots;
  • Photography workshops.
Progressive Workshop Tracks:
In addition, we will create four workshop tracks (beginner, intermediate, advanced and bottoming) to help participants maximize their time and most efficiently reach their goals.
The workshops are slightly weighted with participant progress in mind, so there are more beginner and intermediate workshops toward the beginning of the week and more advanced workshops later in the week. However, we ensure participants have opportunites appropriate for their level on any given day of the week!
As far as excursions go, our tentative plan is to schedule the waterfall and catamaran excursions during the week (Tues, Wed, or Thurs) as well as the snorkel trip (Thurs or Fri). Please understand though that until we finalize our presenters and schedule, this is subject to change. 
We will start announcing workshops in mid 2016. In the meantime, check out last year's schedule to see how we roll! 
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