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BeachBind COVID Protocols

September 2021


The BeachBind organizer team has carefully considered COVID safety issues for the September event. In doing so, it researched COVID safety and potential protocols, sought feedback from physicians, conducted an attendee survey, and spoke directly with all staff and presenters as well as many attendees.


In creating the protocols the team used the previously announced guiding principles:. Therefore, the team:


  • Considered the safety of the attendees, the resort staff, and other resort guests above everything else;

  • Made its best effort to balance the differing needs and wants of our attendees;

  • Tried not to mandate anything beyond necessary;

  • Considered ethical factors;

  • Considered the effect of the existing Jamaican Health Ministry and resort safety protocols (including the locked-down resort corridor, mandatory testing to enter Jamaica, mandatory use of approved taxi/bus services, strict resort staff protocols including testing, physical distancing, temperature checks, mask rules, and sanitation protocols; and the mostly outdoor nature of the event and resort; and,

  • Considered, (but did not rely on) the expected/estimated vaccination rate of our guests based on the survey results.


The team also discussed COVID concerns and issues with our presenters and staff. All presenters, staff, and organizer team members are vaccinated including our registration desk/check-in staff.*

*Please note that Gorgone, who is working with Zero-G as a teaching partner, will work with a different demo bottom that is not able to obtain a vaccine for two classes (Bottom Focused TK Lab and Playful Ties & Capture Ties) .

BeachBind Event Protocol:

BeachBind will implement and enforce the following protocols for its attendees during BeachBind 2021scheduled events (subject to change):


  • Most Workshops Outdoors:  BeachBind has moved most of its workshops and other scheduled events to outdoor locations, most of which will take place under our tents on the beach. BeachBind will attempt to increase its tent-space capacity. There will be at least 18 hard points available under our tents, which is more than are typically available in the gym. There are also cabanas near our tents that our often used for suspension.

  • Indoor workshops will be limited, but when offered will be small and limited in number per the Health Ministry's occupancy limits and masks must be worn indoors. The occupancy limits are:

    • Gym: 15​

    • Kama Sutra Palace: 35

    • Piano Bar: 45

    • Piano Bar Conference Room: 11

    • Disco: 19

  • Masks Must be Worn for Indoor Workshops and Events: The resort vigorously enforces its mask policy and COVID protocols for its staff and employees, but we are told it has not consistently been doing so for resort guests. BeachBind will require that masks be worn at all BeachBind scheduled workshops and events that take place indoors, as well as on busses to Benta River Falls.

  • Mask only UPL Tent(updated) BeachBind was able to secure additional tent space, therefore, BeachBind will designate one tent that can only be used while wearing a mask during UPL sessions.

  • Optional Bubble Wristbands: Every attendee will have a blue wristband in their welcome bag. The wristband will designate that the person wearing the wristband requests a "default" six-foot physical distancing bubble. Attendees are required to maintain that distance unless consent is otherwise given. BeachBind staff will have additional wristbands available. This protocol should be honored at all times, whether during a scheduled event or not. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BeachBind notes that there may be some situations in workshops where a full 6 foot distance may not be possible to maintain at all times. 

  • Presenters and Staff

    • Presenters, staff, and event organizers are all vaccinated (but see below)

    • Presenters and staff will be reminded to:

      • Respect 6 foot bubbles and wristbands during workshops

      • Ask before approaching workshop participants to assist

      • Affirmatively note and announce if they use a workshop partner/bottom that is not vaccinated at the beginning of class and if possible via Discord in advance.

        • *We are aware of only one instance as noted above: Gorgone, who is working with Zero-G as a teaching partner, will use a different bottom who is not able to obtain a vaccine for the Bottom Focused TK Lab and Playful Ties & Capture Ties workshops. The TK Lab is outside at the tents and the Playful Ties class is inside in the Kama Sutra Place where masks must be worn and is limited to 35 people.

    • BeachBind will not pressure Presenters. Please note that the schedule, events, and presenter lineup could change at any time. BeachBind will not pressure presenters to attend or teach, perform, or participate if they do not feel safe.​

  • Accountability Pledge: Attendees will be required to sign the standard release with an additional accountability pledge including statements that:

    • They agree to act reasonably and safely to the best of their ability to not place others at risk and to follow the resort and events rules and protocols;

    • They were tested negative prior to arrival;

    • To their knowledge hey were not exposed to COVID in the last 14 days;

    • They currently have no COVID symptoms, and have no reason to believe they may have COVID;

    • They agree to isolate and report if they are exposed or have symptoms;

    • They agree to cooperate with all Jamaican regulations and resort rules and protocols, including the requests and direction of the resort and event management regarding quarantine and isolation, contact tracing, etc.

    • They agree that by traveling and attending the event, they are taking a risk, understand the risks regarding COVID, will take personal responsibility for assuming such risks and any resulting outcome, and will not hold BeachBind, the resort, Tom's Trips, or another attendee accountable or liable should they contract or become affected by COVID.

  • Temperature Checks: BeachBind staff will have some infrared forehead thermometers handy for use upon request. For more accurate readings, attendees can visit the Nurse's station near the main lobby behind the Piano Bar.

***BeachBind highly recommends getting vaccinated and obtaining travel health insurance prior to travel. See more info at TIPS & FAQ's.***

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