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Hedonism II Resort Covid Protocols here and here.

Questions? Email BeachBindPromo@gmail.com

(Email will be monitored during the event)

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BeachBind - September 2021
Attendee Info Page

September 25-October 5th
Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica

Updated 9/12/2021

Info & Updates

New COVID Info Hub and Event Protocols posted!

As promised (and three days early!) the event protocols have been announced. Please take a few minutes to review the newly-designed COVID info hub!

Want Private Lessons?

Private instruction is the best way to up your rope skills as a top, bottom, or in other kink areas! Take advantage of this opportunity to study with our world-class presenters!​ Topics include bottoming, BDSM topics, areal, and of course...ROPE!. Get info and Schedule ASAP to ensure you get a spot!

T-Shirts & Tank Tops!

We are super-excited about this year's designs! We commissioned two artists to create these exclusive and original designs last year. They saw a little use last December, but we are excited to finally have a chance to roll them out for everyone this year! 
They will only be available now to
September 14. Order online and they will be delivered to you at check in when you arrive at BeachBind. If you end up not going, we can arrange for shipping after the event.
   The artists are:
       ○ Luxje - IG @ @artbyluxje  
       ○ Greed32 - IG: @tattooprint32   
There are four designs. Two are available to staff and presenters only, and the other two are offered to everyone in tank tops and t-shirts: 

Connect with attendees live, get event updates now and during the event, find play partners, share photos, introduce yourself, see who is going, ask organizers and presenters questions, and get event insights!


Almost all of the attendees are now chatting on Discord! Don't miss out!


Join the BeachBind staff, presenters, and fellow attendees on our event hub on Discord. Chat with other attendees live, get instant event updates on-site during the event, find play partners, share photos, and more. Introduce yourself, see who is going, make connections, and talk about the event!


The full event schedule will be premiered on Discord!  

Discord is simple!  Just follow the link and create an account or login to your existing account. From there you will see channels that let you make introductions, seek connections, or chat with others or the group. There is even a Bottom's Space! This is a private group for BeachBind attendees, presenters, and staff only.  


Just click HERE link to get started. If you want you can even download the app and discord mobile style.


A HUGE thank you to Closed Eyes Seeing and Pixiegurly for making this happen! 


In order to ensure your timely transport from the airport to the resort, please enter your flight information HERE. This will allow us to have your transportation ready for you at passenger pickup.


-Claim your tickets early as there are limited slots available! 

- Get tickets and info HERE!


Bento Falls Eco Hike & Photoshoot
- Monday 9/27 -  8am-1:30pm; $64/pp
- Hiking is optional! You are welcome to hang out and do rope & photos since the bus parks at the end point/waterfall on this trip


Kinbaku Katamaran!
- Wednesday 9/29  -  3:00pm-7:30pm; $85/pp
- A Private Catamaran Sunset Cruise to Cliffs & Caves; Open Bar;
  Snorkel; Cliff Jumping;  
- Mermaid, Mermen, Mereverybody, rope & photo friendly!
- Clothing optional, shenanigans permitted (within reason!)
- Limited spots / subject to availability
- Load-in is from the Hedo dock! NO BUSES


Are you single looking to room with other singles?

If you are looking for a roommate, please let us know and we will see if we can help work some magic for you. Sign up and provide your preferences using the ROOMMATE REQUEST FORM!

This event is single friendly and around a quarter of attendees are registered as single! Because the group typically has meals at the same time and has scheduled events throughout each day, it is easy to make connections that grow over the course of the week. We also have events like kinky "speed dating", opening circle, and other mixers to help everyone get to know one another.

You can also post a note in our “seeking” sticky on our FetLife group here


You already know that knot head (knotheadnylon.com) has the best nylon around, and now also has some pretty awesome Jute, as well as a host of other fun and hurty things! Knot head is offering BeachBind attendees a little break since you all just spent a small fortune on travel.

You can find the 15% off code in your August 1st attendee email!

Order soon so you can get it shipped in time for the event! Don't ask him to bring your stuff to the event - We all know he already has enough camera gear to shut down TSA for hours as it is!  The code is good through October, so if you drop your rope off the boat, you can always get more when you come home too. 

QUICK CHECKLIST: Don't Forget to pack!!


  • Passport

  • Travel Authorization

  • COVID Test Results

  • Sunscreen

  • Rope, carabiners, toys

  • Needed Medications 

  • Insect repellent

  • Hats & Sunglasses

  • Mer-people tails




Check in with your airline and make sure your flight is still as scheduled. Almost everyone's itinerary has been changed if not slightly, by entire days!  If you need to change your arrival or departure day, contact Michelle at Tom's Trips ASAP at info@tomstrips.com

If your flight has changed or gets delayed, please let us know ASAP so we can let the resort know and be there to check you in.

If your travel plans change prior to September 22, please use the flight info form to submit your new flight, noting that your flights changes. 

If your travel plans change or you are delayed:

Please Email flight changes to beachbindpromo.gmail.com

YOUR TRAVEL JOURNEY -  What to do once you arrive at Montego Bay

Airport Arrival Summary


  1. Health Screening (have test results & authorization handy)

  2. Immigration (passport, test results, and authorization needed)

  3. Get luggage

  4. Customs

  5. Airport Lobby: look for Sun Holiday (Desk 5)

  6. Keep your return voucher

  7. If you have Club MoBay, you can wait in their lounge. 

  8. Grab a drink and take it on the Bus!


Arrival at resort Summary: 

  1. Keep your passport & personal items with you.

  2. The Bellhop will take your luggage and bring it to your room. 

  3. Go to the BeachBind Check-in (not the resort the reception desk).

  4. BeachBind Check-in is Saturday in the main lobby (see schedule for times)

  5. Please bring your passport to check in. You will get your welcome bag and necklace. 


When you get to Jamaica, you will proceed through immigration, then get your luggage, then proceed through customs. There will also be some simple screening procedures regarding COVID upon arrival to the airport. You will need show your travel authorization and negative COVID test upon arrival. 

If you have Club MoBay
If you booked Club MoBay, your Club MoBay rep will greet you right after you get off the plane. They will be holding a sign or a tablet with your name on it. They will walk you through customs and immigration through the fast track lines. After you get through and check in with bus, you will be directed to the lounge. Grab a bite and drink or three - you can take them on the bus!

If your travel plans change on the day of travel, please email us. 

After you exit customs you will be in the airport lobby. If you have a transfer purchased from Tom's Trip, simply find the Sun Holiday transfer desk (Desk 5 in the middle of the lobby). Give them your name and let them know you are with the Tom's Trip's/BeachBind group to Hedonism. 

The Sun Holiday agent will give you two paper transfer vouchers, one for your trip to Hedonism and one for your return trip on your day of departure. You will need to keep the Sun Holiday departure voucher and present same for transfer to the airport from the hotel on your departure day. PLEASE CHECK OVER THE DEPARTURE INFO AND MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT!!!!  

The ride will take approximately 60-90 minutes depending on traffic. Your driver may stop on the way for a bathroom break. Masks are mandatory on the transfer bus. 
When you get to the resort, a bell hop will take your luggage, which will magically appear in your room in a little while. 
Keep your passport and carry on/personal stuff with you! Then go directly to the BeachBind check in table NOT the front desk. We will fast-track your check-in and get you your room keys, name necklace. Plus you will get your really awesome goodies and meet our staff!

Please remember to keep your masks on and socially distant as much as possible.

Once you are settled in your room, go eat, drink, hit the beach, check out the schedule. You can book your catamaran trip or sign our model release if you want photos posted and more on our website. You will also receive a daily email of day-to-day things at 5:30AM every morning!