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Can I afford BeachBind?

It is hard to believe, but BB can actually be LESS expensive per day than a major rope con!

Rope. Cons. Travel.  We want to go to all the events, and do all the things.  Great…but oh yeah…there is that annoying money and budget thing.  Dam. We can't do everything.  Sigh.


At first glance, BeachBind looks out of budget for many.  However, when you compare apples to apples, BeachBind can actually be LESS expensive per day then a major rope conference.   That is because the rates for BB are all-inclusive, meaning that all food, drink, workshops, and resort activities are included.  Other than airfare, the nightly rate is about all there is in terms of expenses. 


In reality, BB is not really not that different than going to another major rope con.


Compare to Major Rope Con:


  • Con registration:  $300

  • 4 days of hotel:  $700

  • Airfare: $500

  • Food for 4 days, transportation, misc. etc.:  $250

  • Rope Conference Total:  $1,750

  • BB for 5 days example budget: $1782


The example budget for BeachBind is for 5 days flying from Montreal-is $1782.   In that example, BeachBind is actually LESS expensive per day.  Hard to believe but true. The only other expenses might include a passport if you need one, checked bag fees, and optional excursions and things you do outside of the resort.  You don't even need tip money at this resort (there is a no-tipping policy).


More Apples to Apples:  No fighting for workshops or lines. And a beach.


BeachBind has a first class list of presenters, but only a fraction of the attendees.  At some major rope cons, there are 300, 400 or even 500+ people.  The headliner may be scheduled for 3 workshops in a room that hold 30 people.  At BB there is no waiting in long lines or missing other workshops to get a spot in a particular class.  There will be plenty of opportunities all week for everyone to get up close and personal with all of our awesome presenters. 


Oh yeah…and the setting a luxury all-inclusive tropical lifestyles resort on a picturesque beach?  That v. a 3 star city hotel. 


Payment Plans!


Did you also know that our travel agent, Dream Pleasure Tours, will work out a custom payment arrangement with you?  They will even allow you to set up an auto debit system so that you can set it and forget it!  If it is easier for you to pay a little bit each week or month, then this could also help you plan and save for BeachBind.


For more information on BeachBind costs and Payment Plans, see the BB Cost Page here


For questions, contact Dream Pleasure tours


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