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Wykd_Dave  -  April 2017

About BeachBind 

Unlike any other Rope Con

      BeachBind is a rope-family utopia.  A week of rope workshops, lab time & play every day at a picturesque, tropical, all-inclusive, lifestyles resort.  World-class presenters and kinbaku performances nightly.  Amazing photo opportunities.  Connect with new friends for life.  

     It's a vacation. It's an intimate rope conference.

   It's a tropical rope-beach paradise.  

    Unlike large cons that may have 300+, BeachBind is a smaller gathering of dedicated rope and kink enthusiasts. Everyone connects with everyone.  At a full week long, when other cons are ending, BeachBind is just beginning.  At BeachBind, people build deep, lasting friendships. 

    The week will include a schedule full of rope workshops for all skill levels, a ton of open UPL (unconference, play & lab) time, daily photoshoots, excursions, as well as nightly presenter kinbaku performances during dinner.  
     Workshop class sizes are small and there are no lines/no one left out.  Hungry?  No problem.  Included in your registration is all the yummy food and drink you could ever want, and it is available 24/7. 
     At BeachBind there are few rules.  Wear what you want, or nothing at all.  Do rope on a tree, on the beach, or in the pool; engage in public sex acts (if you so desire); and be YOURSELF.  
The Resort
     Hedonism II's slogan is "Be Wicked for a Week".  It is an all-inclusive, clothing optional lifestyles resort on a tropical beach in Negril, Jamaica where just about anything goes!  Hedonism hosts individuals and groups of all types with one major thing in common:  they all subscribe to the basic pleasure-seeking tenants of the hedonist.  The resort attracts everyone from swingers to nudists and fun-loving, pleasure-seeking partiers to kinksters from around the world.  All are welcome. At Hedonism, you will find people of all ages, shapes and styles, and with all types of sexual desires and preferences. 
    Once you visit Hedonism II, you will not want to leave, and you may find yourself going back year after year.
    Workshops will vary in skill level from beginner to advanced, including advanced suspension techniques. Workshops will be scheduled with specific tracks for beginners, intermediate, & advanced riggers as well as bottoms.  There will also be a photography and modeling workshop track.   
  Photography:  BeachBind is a fantastic opportunity for photographers,  models,  or those "normal" kinksters that just want to add stunning images to their profile.  This year, BeachBind will have several official event photographers to ensure that everyone who wants a photo or two will have a chance to get them. 
    Just like in past years, we will also have dedicated sunset photo shoots, the mermaid photoshoot, photography workshops, and opportunities on the excursions. We will be introducing photo lab times this year!
What's Included:
What's included with your Beachbind registration fee?   Pretty much everything!
- All the food you can eat:  Sumptuous cuisine in a variety of dining options available 24 hours a day, including an enormous Vegas-style buffet, more formal sit-down restaurants, and poolside grills
- Sexy Accommodations:  Hedo rooms are ready for the hedonist with 24 hour porn on the TVs, mirrors on the ceiling, and king size beds in most rooms!
- Unlimited Drinks including top-shelf liquor, beer, wine, and tropical drinks
- Land & Water Sports - including SCUBA, snorkeling trips, sailing, etc.
- Resort daily activities and nightly entertainment
BeachBind Workshops & Events, including: 


- About 70 rope related and other workshops for all skill levels (BB & MC)
- Daily UPL times 
- Beach photo shoots at sunset, and photography workshops
- Nightly play with hardpoints on the beach and inside our rope gym (a/c)
- A snorkel & mermaid boat excursion
- Evening kinbaku dinner performances
- Morning yoga for rope, acro yoga & acro-shibari workshops 
- Meet n' greets, kinky speed dating, ropelympics, roundtables, opening & closing circle & more!
What's Not Included?
 The BeachBind registration covers pretty much everything as described above, except:​
-Airfare & baggage fees
-Airport transfers ($50 round trip from airport to Negril)
-Optional private lessons
-Optional excursions (ex. Mayfield Falls eco hike)
-Spa services
-SCUBA certification  (SCUBA diving is included for certified divers)
Passport:  You will also need a passport to enter Jamaica - get one or renew one now if you need to!  
Think BeachBind is expensive?  You might be surprised when you do the math
For more info, check our extensive FAQ page or contact us with questions at
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