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 COVID INFO - September 2021

BeachBind will evaluate its COVID protocols in August and September prior to the event. BeachBind is mostly an outdoor event at an open-air resort, and takes place in the Jamaican resort corridor that is heavily locked-down and had no reported COVID cases through December 20th, 2020, with less than 1% of persons coming to Jamaica and returning who have reported a positive test. Use of indoor spaces will only be permitted if the resort allows and BeachBind determines it is safe to do so.

While there is no way to guarantee zero transmission during the event or as a result of travel, we are thankful for a safe December event with no COVID cases, and will continue to implement strict protocols mirroring the December event as long as the conditions call for the same.

For your convenience, we have a COVID-19 info page which is being regularly updated.




Our Ethics: Diversity, Inclusion, Consent, & Professionalism:

BeachBind endeavors to acknowledge and embrace diversity, convey respect to all people, be sensitive to differences, promote equal opportunities, and to provide the highest standards of ethics, integrity, professionalism, safety, consent protocol, and inclusion.


BeachBind is wholly inclusive of all people of all genders regardless of their identifications, race/ethnicity, gender and sexual identities, expressions, or orientations, their bodies, age, their beliefs, values, fetishes, kinks, or lifestyle, or their abilities or disabilities.  


This list is not exhaustive

A vacation. A rope con.  A kinky, ropey "con-cation."
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