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Adding a Roommate or Partner: If there is  an existing registration and you want to be added to their room or you want to add someone to your existing room, please use the roommate add form.  
Please do not make  payments or buy airline tickets until you have a confirmation from Tom's Trips showing that you have a room confirmed. It may take 5-7 days to get your confirmation
Please make sure your registration information for each person MATCHES THE INFORMATION ON THAT PERSON'S PASSPORT.  The resort checks this before it will let you in.
Deposits are due within 15 days from the date you receive your confirmation in order to hold your spot. 
There will be a wait list for anyone that does not get a spot; however most wait list spots eventually will open.  If there are no spots available, you will be added to a waiting list.

Your spot is confirmed only after you receive a confirmation from Tom's Trips and then make a deposit ($200 per person/ $150 per person for those registered for Dec 2020). If payment in full is not made by the posted deadlines or deposits not paid in 15 days of your registration, you may lose your spot.


Once your spot is confirmed, you can make a deposit or payments via the Tom's Trip Website at any time. .  Payments are refundable until December 25th 2020, other than deposits and with the exception of a 5% credit card fee. We highly advise that you also purchase the $25 resort cancellation waiver credit.


 You may change your reservation details or add/change roommates at any time prior to April  15th, 2021 subject to availability and event policies, or at any time prior to arrival, subject to availability, cancellation policies, late fees, and resort policies. If, after you register, you would like to extend your trip or arrive early), please contact Michelle ( ​


You will be able to split payments between people or credit cards.​

Questions? Contact Michelle at Tom's Trips at or 800-285-0853 or BeachBind at 

Please review all registration terms here.. Presenters, schedule, event dates, and event features are subject to change.
BeachBind VI May 2021

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