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BeachBind V -  2020

   Celebrating Five Years of Connecting on the Beach!


Sign Up to Make Monthly Payments

Payments of about $181 to $253 monthly from May through December gets you about paid in full for 5-7 days, depending on the room type (not including flight and transfers).

To sign up for installment payments for BeachBind V,  just fill out the form below and Tom's Trips will contact you to arrange payments. Tom's Trips will auto charge your card once per month around the beginning of each month. You can contact them at any time at  or 800-285-0853. You can also make an additional installment payments or pay deposits at any time on the payment page. 


Payments are fully refundable if paid by check, or 95% refundable if paid by credit/debit card. Once registered, payments are refundable until December 1st. Deposits are non-refundable.

Note: YOU STILL MUST REGISTER AND PAY A DEPOSIT TO GET YOUR SPOT; pre-payments do not hold a spot.


BeachBind V - May 2020:  Installment Payment Form

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