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The 2020 Presenters will be announced soon!
check out the 2019 presenters below!

2019 Presenters

WykD_Dave  clover
Mynx  FredHatt  Anna-Bones  -EM- & Isean 
FredRx & lake  knot_head  MissDoctor 
JD-66 The_Silence LaughingDragon Feinix 
RopeFiendJ Thalia IPCookieMonster 
 Cabochon SluttyHands & sugarcurl wiwolverine & DireWo1f  
Poisonwell & Dawn77 YourBotanist whispersandroars

 WykD Dave

(Teaching Rope at BeachBind & MiniCamp)

“Rope is not about rope.”


WykD Dave is a rigger from the UK who has in the past few years been teaching and performing throughout the world with his partner Clover. His work has appeared in films, music videos, international fashion magazines and even in Paris’s Louvre gallery. He ties models anywhere from local kinksters and friends with no modelling experience to internationally-known stars like FKA Twigs and Lady Gaga.


His teaching has revolutionized rope bondage for many students around the world as he shares his own take on what’s important to understand about rope. His views are the result of years of experience, analysis and thought after tying, teaching and performing all over the world. He almost always teaches with his partner clover providing her perspective as a rope bottom, and he believes that education for bottoms is just as important as for tops. 

Time and experience are constantly changing and evolving his bondage and his classes, making them a different experience every time. It is his proud boast to have created some of the most copied rope bondage classes in the world. He has also accomplished the rare and almost unique feat of having created ties and techniques that are now used and taught in Japan.


(Teaching Rope at BeachBind & MiniCamp)

Love and connection is at the heart of Clover's rope bottoming. Best known for her rope bottom guide, spectacular photography, and beautiful suffering in rope, Clover performs and teaches around the world with her partner WykD Dave.

It is in her genuine vulnerability and transporting beauty in suffering that she shines in performance; in fact, it’s the lack of pretense and the genuine nature of her interaction with WykD_Dave that she stands out.

She is also well-known for her photography, where her sympathy for the subject and desire to capture emotion leads to her producing some of the very best bondage photographs and prints to be found.

When teaching, her knowledge, empathy and experience allow her to connect her audience with the subject and experience that she loves.



(Teaching Rope at BeachBind)

We are Fred Hatt & Anna Bones, London based shibari artists.

We do shibari for fashion shoots, editorials, music videos, live performances, conceptual/creative projects, large or small scale rope installation projects and more. For our portfolio, see here.

We are the owners and founders of Anatomie Studio, the UK’s first and only shibari studio, where we regularly teach shibari. Out teaching style has beed described as compassionate, approachable and extremely detailed.

We are both academics, researchers and teachers by training so our approach and love for rope is very much driven by an intellectual curiosity to understand how rope works at its many levels: be in the technical aspects of how the rope (the material) is actually made, to understanding how to the creative process works and the ‘science’ behind the mechanics of the body.

We have been tying together since 2013 and regularly teach and perform both inside and outside the UK (Place des Cordes, BED, Shibaricamp, EURIX, BOUND, TWISTED).

We have been fortunate enough to learn from many wonderful people over the years, including: Kazami Ranki, Hajime Kinoko, Akira Naka, Miumi-U, Barkas, Kasumi Hourai, Ren Yagami, Wykd Dave and Pedro Cordas.

Anatomie Studio:


(Teaching Rope & BDSM at BeachBind & MiniCamp)


Mynx is an enthusiastic rope top, experienced rigger and suspension artist with a passion for giving rope and sharing her knowledge with the community. She has attended workshops offered by many talented riggers, but counts WykD_Dave and Akira Naka among her strongest influences.


Mynx has presented classes and intensive workshops across the country where she focuses on building connections between partners and developing precision in each tie. A passionate believer in muscle memory, Mynx’s students learn by tying along with her. As a Nurse Anesthetist, her extensive medical background gives Mynx a unique perspective on bondage safety and nerve injury. Mynx is also a fitness instructor and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500).

Fred’s relationship rope has taken many forms and has been ever present in his life. from scouts, to rigging, to rock climbing and now rope bondage. Fred began tying a few years ago, with American and eastern influences, to enhance his beds scenes. Fred's passion for rope itself exceed his own knowledge and he began to travel for the sole sake of learning more. the last few years of his life has been spent as a traveling rope-gypsy, learning as many different styles and techniques as possible from inspiring teachers and riggers all over the globe.

Fred's not easily categorized, stereotyped, or labeled... nor is his rope. instead of following only one methodology of rope bondage in his tying and teaching, Fred wishes to amalgamate the unique wisdom of each of his teachers, the distinctive styles of different cultures, and his personal reverence for the magic in improvised rope.

Fred's focus on fusing traditional Japanese rope bondage with his own chaotic primal nature and a curiosity of the twisted and unexplored. Fred has taught intensives and conventions both in the US and internationally. Fred love's his students and the game that is learning how they learn. he wishes to inspire discipline and wonder in their personal tying practices and encourage everyone to dissect, inspect, and expand on anything Fred says. Fred think's rope is an incredible tool and he looks forward to forever be learning more about it.

& lake
(Teaching Rope at BeachBind & MiniCamp)

Lake’s romance with Rope has evolved them into the intuitive and fiery bottom and model they are today. Lake first began their journey in the Kink community over three years ago. Soon after, Lake was introduced to the beauty of Rope Bondage when they discovered the mastery of Kinoko’s work online. In 2016, Lake moved into a more experienced kinkster role, becoming a community group leader and educator. They were a presenter at 2016 FIRE and they are a co-facilitator for Oak Cliff Kinbaku, a Rope education group who focus on building a culture of consent, safety, and inclusiveness within the community. Lake’s relationship and practice with Rope Bondage has been influenced by the works and philosophies of Naka Akira and Fuoco. These influencers’ different styles have impacted the way Lake communicates with their tops and explore the depth of connection in Rope. As an instructor, Lake implores their students find empowerment in Rope as they own their autonomy and encourage themselves to strive for challenge.


(Teaching Rope & BDSM at BeachBind )

-EM-. Based in Memphis, Tennessee and active in the BDSM community since 2010, EM is a sadistic rope and whip enthusiast whose interests lie in pushing his bottoms with strenuous yet beautiful poses. With years of experience learning rope from various artists across North America, his interpretation of Japanese bondage stems from a desire to withdraw submission from the female form and highlight its beauty through suffering and strain. EM's primary interests (rope, whips, photography) stem from his interests in perfecting technique, skill, and accuracy with regard to all forms of S&M play.


(Teaching Rope at BeachBind)

MissDoctor is a kink-friendly practicing physician who works in primary care with an emphasis on musculoskeletal medicine, endocrinology, and women's health. She has been personally involved in the world of bondage for 18 years, and she started to explore Shibari over 4 years ago.


Her experience as a rock climber, athlete, and artist provide her with a practical perspective on both bottoming and rigging. Her years of experience as an educator help her make safety, anatomy, and health concerns easy to understand and apply. She encourages hands-on exploration and helps kinksters develop a more intimate understanding of themselves and their partners.

knot head

(Teaching Rope & Photography at 

BeachBind & MiniCamp)

Beginning 25 years ago with a mix of flea market handcuffs, bathrobe belts and neck ties, knot_head has always loved bondage.


Although he began with Japanese-style rope, he’s since gravitated to the strict, clean, efficient, Western style of riggers like Jay Edwards, Matt Williams, Lew Rubens and Claire Adams. For him, it IS about the simple, strict, positional bondage, and "what happens once she's tied", challenging predicaments being his favorite.

In the past two years he caught the photography bug and loves showing kinksters how easy it can be to get a quality shot with their gear, in almost any setting.

His shtick is to make bondage (and photography) simple and fun for anyone willing to learn.

knot_head presenter pic (002).jpg

 (Teaching Rope at MiniCamp)

JD-66 is a Toronto, Canada based rigger who started tying in 2008. His style has evolved over the years but is mostly a playful semi sadistic style of rope. He loves playing with balance and unbalance in rope and reading his partner and taking them to places they didn't expect. He owns and runs The Toronto Kinbaku Salon which just had its fifth anniversary in Oct 2018. The Salon as it is commonly referred to is a Kazami Ryu where the Kazami style of rope is taught to its many students. We also host other presenters from around the world of various styles.


He loves helping and teaching other Kazami Style but has some background in other styles so he is able to meld various styles to help people with developing and adding to their repertoires and creating their own individual style.


(Teaching Rope & Photography at BeachBind)

The_Silence started photographing his rope work over 4 years ago and shoots multiple times a week. He developed his style through adapting what he's learned in classes, the internet, and a whole LOT of trial & error. From shooting in temperatures of 37 degree to 110 degrees, outdoors, in homes, hotels, studios, under trees and bridges, he has learned how to make any situation usable.

(Teaching Rope & BDSM at BeachBind)

LaughingDragon has been involved in the rope scene for over 15 years, and he has studied extensively with masters from many parts of the globe. He is a seasoned bondage performer. His fast and intense style makes an exciting show, and his performances have become a fixture at many events in Vancouver.


LaughingDragon has a passion for spreading bondage and helping people experience what rope can be firsthand. This passion has driven him to give individually-tailored bondage experiences to hundreds of people over the years at events in Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto and Black Rock City. He also founded Vertigo Rope, a collective of talented rope persons who meet regularly to share and learn from each other and collaborate to create amazing rope events and experiences. LaughingDragon teaches rope courses with his co-teacher GirlOnFire, and he also worked as a consultant to the film industry on 50 Shades of Grey.

(Teaching Rope & BDSM at BeachBind)

Feinix is an accomplished rope bottom, rigger, rope educator and performer in the Vancouver rope scene. She has been an avid rope enthusiast ever since her introduction to it in 2012. As is her way, once the spark was lit, her passion for rope took off, and she has been doing rope continuously since then, continuing to grow and expand her skills. She has attended classes and training with many top rope instructors, and she has done many rope performances both locally and abroad. Performing is one of her passions; she loves to see the excitement it brings to those watching.


As one of the leaders of Vertigo Rope, GirlOnFire is involved in much of the organizing and behind-the-scenes work of running this organization. She also co-teaches rope courses, for new and experienced riggers alike, alongside her partner LaughingDragon.

(Teaching Rope & Yoga at BeachBind & MiniCamp)

Thalia (formerly known as LadyB) has been kinky inside her mind all her life, but took a long time to find the right community in which to explore her deviance! Once found though- she dove in and hasn't looked back. She enjoys intense and challenging rope, but also enjoys an array of kinky and connective activities in and out of rope. 


As for the yoga, she's studied/practiced extensively for the last 6 years- in many styles, with focus on hot power and acro yoga. She is Yoga Teacher Certified. 


While at Beachbind and not in rope or teaching yoga, she can be found instigating ridiculousness, leading epic awkward dance battles, or climbing/hanging from, well, everything. Official title: Commander in Chief of Shenanigans.


BeachBind's Commander

in Chief of Shenanigans.

(Teaching Rope & BDSM at BeachBind)

IPCookieMonster is a sexual gymnast. She has been a kinky pansexual polyamorous pagan freak for several years, and has written extensively about about her deliciously deviant lifestyle on fetlife and her blog, In the “vanilla” world, she has one of the best jobs ever: she’s a professor of sociology who studies the BDSM scene. In the “chocolate” world, she writes about and teaches kink, is a founding member of the firespinning troupe Hubris, and is an occasional burlesque/ropelesque perfomer. Having gone through everything from ballet to tap to fire to pole, she was starting to run out of forms of dance to study in her insatiable quest for new ways to sexily manipulate the human body when she was captured by some divinely inspired ropes. And lo, she found a new form of dance to obsess about (bondage) and got some new gods as a bonus. Once she had the epiphany that bondage is fucking awesome, she decided to start preaching the artistic, spiritual, and seductive powers of rope from the bottom.

rainbow brite.jpg

J is a rope fiend and photo nerd from Louisville, KY, with a decades long passion for kink.   Early on, he was mostly influenced by vintage American rope bondage, and eventually found Japanese rope bondage later in life.


Over the last five plus years, with his partner Prismaticmel by his side, he has studied both western and eastern rope bondage, attended classes and conferences, hosted events, and networked with rope fiends near and far.  J’s rope style is a fusion, derived from eastern and western influences, both sensual and sadistic, focused on connection between partners and bonding through rope play.


Along the way, he founded Knot Right Supply with Lestat88 and K-P, and for five years vended at events and sold rope and related gear to kinksters (and some non-kinksters) around the globe.  Closing KRS after five wonderful years, he is now focused on his photography.


On a fate-filled day many moons ago, J met his weirdo brother from another mother, Knot Head.  J’s passion for photography was reignited, eventually founding Bawdy Photography, where he continues to explore the beauty of the human body, particularly in the context of the erotic or kinky.


Of late, Knot Head and J have teamed up to provide high quality photography education to kinksters of all experience levels. You can find this pair of oddballs managing photo rooms at events, teaching 1-2 day photography intensives, as well as a variety of classes, all of them technology-enabled to rapidly educate photographers and get them shooting what is in their mind’s eye.


(Teaching Photography at BeachBind & MiniCamp)


(Teaching Rope at MiniCamp)

Poisonwell and Dawn77 are passionate rope enthusiasts who have been tying and learning together for over 4 years now.  They have attended numerous cons and intensives, and tie regularly for play and for fun.  They both gravitate to the connection of rope, along with the challenge and creativity of tying together.  Although they have learned various different styles of rope, they are most influenced by the Eastern style riggers and Japanese Shibari.

cassie pic.jpeg

(Teaching Yoga at MiniCamp)

Yoga found Cassie in 2012. It helped her to unblock the path of discovering her truth and she is forever grateful. Since then, she has been on a journey of personal and professional growth. In 2012 she became certified in BUTI Yoga Levels 1,2 and Hot BUTI. She is both an E-RYT 200 and a RYT 500. Cassie primarily teaches Buti Yoga, Yin Yoga and Kundalini-Inspired Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

I have a Holistic Life coaching certification from the CHEK Institute and am a Holographic Health Practitioner. 

I aim to have a powerful presence that is gentle and familiar. I love sharing my passions with our community. It's how I show my soul to the world. I truly believe that with every class I plant seeds of change. I enjoy nourishing and watching them grow. I enjoy essential oils, trying new things, exploring, organizing, laughing and spending time with friends, family and animals. 


(Teaching Pole Dancing at BeachBind & MiniCamp)

Active since 2014, Cabochon is an acrobatic rope bottom, service-oriented masochist, and adventure-seeker. To her, bondage is about human connection, artistry, and constant self-improvement. She believes that a submissive’s strongest tool is their ability to communicate, which is best improved by learning about yourself and the driving forces behind what you want, and why you want it. Her engineering experience allows her to break down the steps of processing pain and bondage into segments that can be reflected on, and use that introspection to improve future experiences.

Cabochon is an officer at The Red Chair in Birmingham, Alabama, an NCSF Advocate, and competitive pole dancer.



(Teaching Rope 101 at BeachBind & MiniCamp)

YourBotanist is a geek that loves science and rope! She has been working at it for 4 years, attending local cons and international classes and loves to be chatty. YourBotanist has been a BeachBind and RopeLab staff member for several years and has taught at RopeLab and Central Ohio Rope Group. 

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