A vacation. A rope con.  A kinky, ropey "con-cation."​  

BeachBind is committed to diversity, equity & inclusion and supports the BIPOC community 

If you are interested in presenting or joining the team with some type of organizer role for possible future events, please let us know!

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Unfortunately, BeachBind will not occur in 2022.  If you would like information about other events that may occur in 2022 or beyond, please subscribe to the newsletter below. We will make announcements as soon as we have more information.

Our Ethics: Diversity, Inclusion, Consent, & Professionalism:

BeachBind endeavors to acknowledge and embrace diversity, convey respect to all people, be sensitive to differences, promote equal opportunities, and to provide the highest standards of ethics, integrity, professionalism, safety, consent protocol, and inclusion.


BeachBind is wholly inclusive of all people of all genders regardless of their identifications, race/ethnicity, gender and sexual identities, expressions, or orientations, their bodies, age, their beliefs, values, fetishes, kinks, or lifestyle, or their abilities or disabilities.  


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Unlike any other
Rope Con

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